It is obvious for couples to set some standers in order to look great and live a joyful and healthy relationship. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are the incredible persons that can be presented as the cutest couple in Hollywood. Not only this, but they are also seen as relationship standards for everyone.

From their decision move-in to their finally getting married, fans has witnessed sweetness at every inch. Going for groceries or having fun at basketball games, everything is super romantic and love coated. May this be the recipe!

Quick Refresher

The couple met at a ‘that’s 70s Show’ in 1998, where they dated for the first time, I mean for the sake of the show. Their character Jackie and Michael played love interests, 14-year-old Mila and 19-year-old Ashton had their first kiss. It has been confirmed that back then they used to the perfect Big bro and Lil sis type of relation. Mila got help with her chem homework from Ashton.

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Over a Decade Later

In 2012, Ashton married and got a divorce from Demi Moore. During the same period of time, Mila Kunis also separated from her long term boyfriend Macaulay Culkin. After this all, Mila and Ashton met at an award show and reconnected. Then what, time passes by and they make the sweetest couple of the Hollywood with two sweet kids.

They both have been doing films with a plot which we can say help them come along. Movies like ‘Friends with Benefits’ and ‘No Strings Attached’ are the perfect examples.

Best to Know about the Couple

Becoming the couple loved by others and getting respect and love from the better half is what we all are looking with varied ambitions. Mila and Ashton’s love story is here to guide astray in the right direction.

Starting from the top, Mila is always there for Ashton and he seems to show love with every possible gesture. This is the first step in the success of any relationship, as described by experts. Kissing is known as a pretty obvious habit to hold tight.

Lastly, not only just working as a team but living as a team where you cannot live without each is the secret.

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