Mila Kunis is an American Actress who at the age of seven moved from Soviet Ukraine to the UK with family. She initially was discovered by an agent and appeared in several television shows and commercials. Her best romantic comedy show came in 2008 ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ and further gained accolades for her performance in psychological thriller ‘ Black Swan’. Lets read more about the actress and how good she is at her parenting skills.


Name: Mila Kunis

Date of birth: August 14, 1983

Parents: N/A

Spouse: Ashton Kutcher

Marriage: Ashton Kutcher (m. 2015)

Children: two

Profession: Actress

Birthplace: Ukraine

Skin colour:  olive skin

Mila Kunis admitted of being goofy parents

Mila Kunis has admitted of being goofy parents and said in a recent interview that when it comes to the story time things get sweeter with the little angel.

“Do you know what’s really funny is I sometimes try to read our daughter’s books in the characters’ voices, and she’s like, ‘Dad, can you just use your real voice?'”

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Ashton and Mila’s daughter often say that she wants to hear a story and the parents have to think that if they can manage to make up stories.

“Every night our daughter demands that. I tell a story from real life,” Ashton shared. Mila added, “He’s really good at it. [Our daughter] now knows everything about us. I mean literally, she’s like ‘Tell me a story from your life?’ and you’re like, all right, let me think about a story…. But then after a while you run out of stories. So he has to go and start creating stories from real life. Because you literally run out of stories.”

Here the Mila Kunis has confessed about how and why she is great at what she does.

“Just do your homework and then go in, and be present. Do all the homework in the world, do all your research, read your lines, think about the whys, don’t judge your character. Go with who you are, and then just show up and be present, and be open,” Mila shared. “Because the truth is, in any given situation, you can’t predict what the other person’s going to do. So in order to be like, well I’m going to walk to the right and then I’m going to react shocked or upset. But what if that character that’s working opposite you don’t give you the same performance? Then you look like a ridiculous, you know.”

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