Money heist aka La casa de Papel, transl. The House of Paper is a top-rated Spanish crime drama series. The story revolves around eight thieves and a multi-day attack on the royal mint of Madrid. The series got a tremendous fan base due to divergent characters and amazing storyline.  Read on the article to know more  about the show


There are a lot of speculations on how the story will move forward in the fourth season. The fourth season is expected to be launched on the exact same day when the third part took place. presently, the professor has the impression that his girlfriend and Lisbon are shot dead by the police. We have fingers crossed and waiting for what will happen next.

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How many number of seasons money heist has?

The money heist has a total of three seasons and the fourth one is being filmed.

When there will be a fourth season of the show?

Money heist is all set to release the fourth season of the show. The exact date is April 3rd, 2020 and the early release is just rumors having no authenticity or confirmation from the rumors.

Does heist season have money?

Twenty-three episodes have been released for season three that has concluded the half first series of the show. Whereas the fourth show is being filmed and will probably release on 3rd April 2020. Moreover, Netflix will also leave the teaser along with the confirmed release date a month prior.

How does the last season of money Heist come to an end?

The heist in the bank came to end in Nairobi and apparently being shot dead by snipers. Unfortunately, she bleeds out whereas the Raquel and professor ran away from the bank to a nearby forest and split up.

Has Netflix acquired the right in money heist?

Money heist is the Spanish drama crime series. The total fifteen episodes had successfully run on the Spanish network Antena from May 2017 to November 2017. However, Netflix acquired the global streaming right at the end of 2017. The episodes were recut into short twenty-two episodes and shared with the global audience.

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