Morocco’s Most Beautiful Cities


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Discover the top town and city destinations around the royal kingdom or Morocco’s with our guide, from the beach to the highlands, and from lovely little villages, five-star hotels in Morocco to the country’s famous cities. 

Morocco is full of color, passion, and beauty, from the spectacular Atlas Mountains that run the length of the kingdom to the beautiful turquoise sea that contrasts with the golds and yellows of the desert dunes. Morocco is also home to a plethora of gorgeous towns, each of which contributes to the country ‘s distinct landscape and cultural heritage. The most gorgeous sites to visit are listed here.


Rabat, Morocco’s capital, is the site of the kingdom’s most prominent museum, the Royal Palace, and Mohammed V’s Mausoleum, and a whole range of ancient tourist destinations. Rabat, being one of Morocco’s Imperial Cities, is one of the best sites to explore along the Atlantic Coast. 

The capital’s gentler environment with the 5-star hotels in Rabat can also be a pleasant change from the tourist rush of other towns, as it is smaller and less well-known than the Imperial Cities of Marrakech and Fes.

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With a fascinating history, Asilah is a beautiful beach village on the north coast. It was a notorious base for piracy and was later conquered by the Portuguese until coming under Moroccan sovereignty in the 17th century, with origins dating back to the 16th century BC when it was on the major trading route used by the Phoenicians. 

Providing it a fascinating showcase of Morocco’s distinct past today, every subsequent culture and society has left its stamp on Asilah. Although the alleys are lined with lovely blue-and-white Moroccan dwellings, a Portuguese fortification perches dangerously on the cliffs. 


Essaouira, located on Morocco’s west coast with the sparkling Atlantic Ocean on one side and smooth beautiful beaches on the other, is one of the country’s best-kept wonders, partly due to its windy weather fending off swarms of sun-seeking travelers. 

Essaouira’s medina is known for its beautiful structures, attractive souks, and a lively harbor packed with colorful boats and the freshest seafood plucked straight from the sea, apart from the breathtaking natural beauty that surrounds the town. 

Massive city walls rise from the waterfront, around vibrant markets, twisting passageways, and white-washed homes. From the town’s packed buildings to the Iles Purpuraires in the distance, the city walls offer a stunning perspective of the nearby area. 


Chefchaouen is recognized for its beautiful blue buildings that are at par with the boutique hotels in Rabat nestled against the rugged green and brown of the mountain environment. It is located in the magnificent Rif mountains in northern Morocco. Every different level reveals more distinctive buildings, colorful vegetation, and attractive cafes as the city slides down the mountainside. 

From the blue-washed walls and red-tiled roofs to unique keyhole-shaped doors and tiled corridors flowing through the city, the historical part of the city is significantly influenced by Islamic and Andalusian architecture. 

The city was founded in 1471 by Jews and Moors fleeing Spain. Chefchaouen remains a great site to explore an untouched and distinct Morocco, despite its recent increased popularity and expanding tourism industry.


Fes, despite its status as Morocco’s second-largest city, has the personality and appeal of a considerably small rural town. Fes el Bali, one of the city’s two historic medinas, has been named a Unesco World Heritage Site for its exquisite twisting structure of alleys, souks, and courtyards, as well as for housing the oldest university in the world. 

This city is similar to an open-air museum, with numerous exceptional samples of Islamic art and architecture ranging from medieval madrasas to towering mosques, all wonderfully ornamented with tiling and arabesque designs.


Perched high in the Atlas Mountains and imitating a Swiss alpine village more than its own country’s desert settlements and Moorish architecture in the winter, Ifrane is one of Morocco’s most intriguing places. The French colonial inhabitants who established it as a summer retreat are the reason for the town’s contemporary style. 

This area is notable for its abundance of parks and gardens, that provides a haven of beautiful nature and serenity among the busyness of the Moroccan lifestyle, in addition to lovely clusters of European-style chalets.


For visitors seeking to immerse themselves in Moroccan history and culture in recent years, Marrakech, one of Morocco’s most famous cities, has become an unmissable destination. With a labyrinth of alleyways and souks exposing fresh discoveries at each and every corner, including spices and herbs, colorful tapestries, dazzling lamps, and gems, the old city’s markets are legendary. 

The rolling sands of the desert spread out from the city, meeting the snow-capped Atlas Mountains on the horizon, creating a stunning landscape all-around city.


Meknes, Morocco’s old capital, is one of the country’s many Unesco World Legacy Sites, with its unique mix of architectural designs, spectacular structures, and well-preserved cultural history earning it a spot on the list. This city is encircled by defensive walls, and nine gates, each artistically ornamented with tile work and arabesque designs, provide access to the city.

From the majestic Dar El Makhzen palace to the hammams, various mosques,  and gardens that fill the streets, with Spanish-Moorish plus European and Islamic-inspired architecture competing for attention, this town on its own is full of grandeur. 


Many people may recognize Ouarzazate from movies like Lawrence of Arabia (1962), The Mummy (1999), and Gladiator (2000). That’s easy to understand why. Stretching across a stunning natural plateau and surrounded by the Atlas Mountains and the desert, this site and its vicinity are breathtakingly beautiful. 

With the sets and props from many of the region’s most famous films, this town is famous for its exquisite Berber kasbahs, such as the Ait Benhaddou, Atlas Studios, where Morocco is transformed into a mini-Egypt.

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