All of us want healthy and strong hair, especially as we grow older Nine Best Foods for Hair Growth. Interesting every month, our hair grows around 1.25 cm or 0.5 inches, and a total of 15 cm or 6 inches in a year. However, the pace at which the hair grows depends a lot on factors, such as genetics, health, age, and diet.

Of course, of these, there are certain factors, such as genetics and age, which are not in your control, but your diet is something that you can control. In fact, you consume a diet, which has a dearth of certain nutrients; it can lead to hair loss. 

On the other hand, if you consume a healthy, wholesome, and rich diet with all the proper nutrients, it will stimulate hair growth. So, which are these foods? Read below to find out. 


Moira, an online review, who did the best Kohler toilets review, states that ‘Tangerines can have a major impact on your hair’s growth. It is because of the Vitamin C content in them.’ 

Now, let us understand what Moira just said here. See, Vitamin C makes it easy for our body to absorb iron, which is present in foods, such as spinach and red meat. Experts often link the dearth of iron in our diet to hair loss. Thus, it is vital to get an adequate quantity of it in your diet. More so, Vitamin-C rich foods can also better the iron absorption in the body. 

Oily Fish

Oily fish, such as salmon, mackerel, and sardines, are excellent sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. Your body is unable to make these healthy fats on its own. So, you need to acquire them from supplements or diet. These are vital to shield your body from disease and stimulate hair growth, leaving your hair feel fuller and shinier.  


‘Nuts, such as cashew nuts, almonds, and walnuts is my go-to snack, anytime I am hungry and have sudden hunger-pangs,’ comments Ted, an online reviewer, who did the review for the best edge up clippers. 

Well, you know what? Nuts must be your go-to snack, too, especially if you intend to grow your hair. They can better the quality and length of your hair. Nuts contain Vitamin B7 or biotin, which is responsible for making your hair thicker and longer. This is why snacking on nuts is believed to be a healthy habit. Further, nuts are not just great for your hair health, but they also lower the risk of inflammation and cardiovascular diseases in the body. Nuts can cater to twenty-seven percent of your daily Vitamin E needs. 


Eggs are a great source of biotin and protein. Your hair has structural protein known as the keratin in them. The absence or dearth of this protein can result in hair loss. The biotin found in the eggs helps break down the protein into amino acids, which are the building blocks for your hair. Additionally, eggs also have elements such as Vitamin A and zinc in them. Thus, scrambled eggs, egg whites, and egg sandwiches all should be a part of a healthy diet. 

Peanuts and Peanut Butter

Peanuts are an excellent biotin source. Biotin stimulates hair growth and curtails hair loss. Only one-fourth cup serving contains about four grams of fiber and nine grams of protein. They are also rich antioxidant sources. The good thing about peanuts is they are super filling, which is why they are the perfect replacement for meat in your vegan or vegetarian diet. 

Spinach and Other Dark Leafy Greens 

Dark green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, provide iron to your body. Iron is a healthy mineral, which is beneficial for your hair cells. As we have already discussed, the shortage of iron in the body is the prime cause of hair loss. Anytime your body experiences a dearth of iron, it fails to transport nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles and the roots in adequate proportion. Consequently, it can restrict hair growth and make your hair strands weak.


Legumes, that is, lentils and beans, are saturated with vitamins and minerals responsible for hair growth, such as biotin, iron, and zinc. Biotin strengthens the keratin structure, which is necessary for stronger nails and hair and glowing skin. Consumption of legumes will make your hair stronger and breakage resistant. It will also leave you with fuller and thicker hair. In general, for vegetarians, legumes are a great protein source. 


Mango is a colourful fruit. They have silica in them, a mineral of connective tissue responsible for promoting hair growth and ensuring stronger hair. Mango also contains folate, Vitamin A, B6, and C. 


Yogurt is a great source of probiotics and protein, which are vital for your body and hair. Yogurt also has Vitamin B5, which is excellent for people dealing with hair thinning issues and hair fall. However, when you go yogurt shopping, always pick the unsweetened versions, as the flavoured alternatives have high sugar content. 

So, these are the top nine best foods for hair growth. Have more to add to the list? Do let us know in the comment section below.