On 21st May 2013, we witnessed that Daniel, Marrietta, Henley, and Jack steals money from Arther Tessler. This was the first time when 4 great magicians hit the big screen. From that moment, they won the hearts of millions and fans couldn’t resist the temptation. The American heist thriller hit the theatres on 17 June 2016 for the second time. Now there are reports that Now You See Me 3 will be released soon.

The most obvious questions like who will return, what will happen, or where the story will lead, are briefly addressed here.

When it will be released?

With its 2 appearances, the movie had made a great deal with fans and they eagerly ask about the release date. For many diehard fans, it would be interesting to know that the third movie was announced even before the second was released way back in 2015.

Though there are no confirmations some hints suggest that Now You See Me 3 will be released in 2020. The creators said that they started working on the script in 2015 and completed it in 2016.

Who will be in the Cast?

Jesse Eisenberg, Michael Caine, Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo, and Lissy Caplan will perform their roles as they did in the previous installments. The movie will be directed by Jon Feltheimer as it was confirmed soon after the announcement.

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If all go the way like it was in the past then Michael Caine and Daniel Radcliffe be brought back. Along with all these cast members, reports say that there will be an addition of two new members.

What will happen in Now You See Me 3?

Just like the release date, the plot of the movie is not yet revealed. As in the previous movie, 4 horsemen were disclosed and for this installment, two new cast members will also be added, it is right to guess that you may get two new roles. A young Hispanic Female around the age of 20 years and a male around the age of 30 years are to be the new cast included.

With such details and plots expectations Now You See Me 3 will surely be a treat to watch!

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