Based on Saitama and his ability to end disputes with simple one punch, One Punch Man is no doubt a well-knitted anime. With its first season, it has managed to win global accreditation and inspire million hearts. On 9th April 2019, One Punch Man Season 2 landed on Netflix where it solved many disputes with charismatic one punch and the concluded on 2nd July 2019.

The first season is a treat to watch and it takes much courage to acknowledge the fact that it is well-crafted anime of all time. One Punch Man Season 2 carries on the legacy with its uniqueness and twisted plot. If you haven’t watched it yet, here is why you must add it on your watch list

Saitama: The Character

Unlike all other anime series, the lead character on One Punch Man, or we can say that the one punch man, is not exceptional in appearance. And this is the character that builds the uniqueness of the show. He is bald and wears a yellow and red suit with a white cap, which makes him look very underwhelming.

But with all his general appearances, he possesses a supernatural power to finish any conflict with a single punch, usually with minimal effort. One Punch Man Season 2 covers various conflicts resolved within no time and effort spent by Saitama.

Ability to End any Conflict without any Emotion at all

The idea behind the anime may seem to make fun of the idea of a hero and the structure of manga. It is because of the fact that almost all the anime series hold such powerful characters as protagonists that Saitama with his emotionless supernatural quality seems non-existent.

What is the hard part to believe is that every episode builds a conflict to draw us in and when all our attention is focused climax comes and goes with a blink of the eyebrow.

What does it teach with this depiction?

The show in its subtle form clears that life of ease, lack of struggle, or conflict is nothing. It becomes pointless. An urge, a mission to accomplish, and desire will remove boredom. It instigates us to do something, to achieve something out of it, and find enjoyment. One Punch Man Season 2 deals with all these themes and it must be on your anime watchlist.