Roll out your sleeves for the fresh orange juice recipe. Smooth and creamy drink that takes a little effort and tastes better than one served in a mall. If you don’t like pulp; use a hand juicer along with a strainer. A recent study suggests that drinking 750ml of orange juice daily can improve the status of anti-oxidant level in the body.

Surprising health benefits of orange juice

Orange juice recipe may vary, but it is loved and enjoyed around the world. It is a nutrient en-ricked drink and contains high volume of vitamin C, vitamin D, potassium and calcium. Vitamin C helps out in strengthening bone, gum health and wound healing.  Orange juice also contains folate – it is essential for fetal development and helps the pregnant women in the better fatal growth.

orange juice recipe

Orange juice has high level of anti-oxidants

Orange juice has a high level of anti-oxidant properties –meaning it can prevent oxidant damage. The role of anti-oxidant in maintaining overall health is critical, and it also saves you from many chronic diseases like heart attack, diabetes, and cancer. We recommend you to follow any orange juice recipe and drink it as it contains ascorbic acid 7, carotenoids and many great antioxidants.

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Reduces the chances of kidney stone

Orange juices enhance the Ph of urine and make it more alkaline. A study suggests that the more alkaline nature of urine are synonymous with the lesser chances of kidney stone.

orange juice recipe

Orange juice prevents chronic heart diseases

Drinking orange juice daily reduces the chances of heart-related conditions such as elevated cholesterol heart attack or high blood pressure.

Orange Juice Recipe

Preparation time: Five minutes                                      Ready in Five minutes       


  1. Put all the ingredients in a blender.
  2. Blend it properly till it becomes smooth.
  3. Add ice cubes at the end.
Quantity Ingredients
7-8 ounce Orange concentrate
one cup low-fat milk
One teaspoon Vanilla
One cup Water
7-8 Ice cubes
1/3 cup Sugar

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