Fans need concrete clarification on whether passage season 2 will be returning or not. As per the latest report, it is highly unlikely for the show to get the next run. The show that followed ten-years Saniyya Sidney whose mother dies due to overdose medication, the storyline is so engaging that the audience could not help laying their eyes on. Unfortunately, passage season 2 will not be renewed and canceled after one season by the fox. The star of the show Saniyya Sidney who played the role of Amy Bellafonte has confessed in one of her Instagram posts about the cancellation of the show. The show was inspired by the novel ‘The Passage’ written by Justin Cronin. The first season was released on January 14, 2019. It was indeed a star-studded show having big names like  Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Brad Wolgast, Jamie McShane as Tim Fanning, Saniyya Sidney as Amy Bellafonte, Brianne Howey as Shauna Babcock, Caroline Chikezie as Nichole Sykes, Henry Ian Cusick as Jonas Lear, McKinley Belcher III as Anthony Carter, and Vincent Piazza as Clark Richards.


Produced by: Matt Reeves, Liz Heldens

Written by: Heldens

Language: English

Released date: 14 January 2019

Filming location:  Conyers, Georgia, USA

No. of episodes: 10

Runtime: 60 Minutes

Passage season 2 release date

Passage season 2 will not be released as it was canceled by a streaming service fox. There is no confirmation regarding the renewal of the show and that is why there is no passage season 2 trailer has been released so far. The news airing for the cancellation of the show is not unexpected. The character-driven thriller showed that how a secret medical facility experimenting with the deadly virus could cure all disease or in contrary downfall the whole human race. The lead star of the show decided to be a subject test for and Brad Wolgast as he decided to protect her.

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Will passage season 2 be ever-renewed in future

The passage season 2 was canceled since it has managed to entertain a specific audience that resulted in poor ratting and average reviews and this is the fundamental reason that led towards the cancellation of the show. If the show could have more positive reviews and ratings, the fox would give the show the next run. However, the poor rating and reviews are the fundamental reason behind the cancellation and it is highly unlikely there will be ever a passage season 2 in the future.

Summary of the Book ‘ The Passage ‘

In the passage, the narrator begins the story in the year 92 A.V when the majority of the people have died and only a few people are left after the terrific indecent of forced to live in specially fortified cities to protect themselves against virals. A six-year-old girl was abandoned, Sister Lacey Antoinette Kudoto felt a strong bod with the girl however she later realized that Amy is different and later she gets experimented and the conclusion drawn was that a virus can lengthen the human life span and make them more weaponized as they tend to restore their health back and also infect other by bitting or drinking the blood. Amy had been infected by the virus and so do the Doyle and Lacey.

Nearly 1oo years later, Michael managed to build a radio, he is among the few survivors of the pandemic and is well aware that if he could not get a place to live he might die in a year or two. Her presence brings strange behavior. Now this compound could mean a fresh hope for the people of First Colony, Lacey still has been waiting for Amy to return. Lacey brought Peter and Amy to Lear’s lab via a secret entrance.

She then gave Peter vials of virus and her plan to destroy the lab with a bomb and would draw Babcock to her so that he also be the one killed during the blast. After the death of Babcock, the viral came to Amy intending to identify their identity. Amy told them all while Peter finds the eleven virals and kill them.

Wrapping up

The story revolves around a group of inmates turning into infectious vampires and the one who can save all bad from happening is the orphan girl. The tagline of the Passage TV series should be whether one girl can save the entire human or not. Each title of the episode was the line said by the main characters of the show. People were eager to watch the passage season 2, however it was canceled by Fox after the first season.


How Many seasons of the passage TV series has released so far?

The passage based on a trilogy written by Justin Cronin has released only one season to date. However, there is still a story to be told but the show will not get back for the second season.  Viewers can only read passage book series to find out what will happen next.

Will Netflix will run the Passage season 2?

As the show has the pacing issues in the first season and the chances of renewal of this ambitious medical thriller are zero.

How many episodes does the passage season 1 had?

The passage season one had a total ten episodes.

Is the passage only show that is canceled in 2020?

There are a number of shows that ended after the first season including the Cool kids series that also got canceled by Fox.



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