Peaky blinder season 5 is finished airing on both Netflix and BBC One. The ending has left many fans wondering how the story will be continued for the next installment as peaky blinders season 6 production has also begun following the devastating conclusion of the last season. Fans are eager to figure out what will happen in the series to come and those who have not caught up should know the quick round of what happened so far

Tommy has been doubtful throughout the season that Fin Cole is double-crossing him, in the Garrison pub – the family meeting Michael has said that he should oversee the expansion in America. Having been the part of the new generation of men with no effect by war – he plans to see Tommy demoted to associate members.

As Michael showed his hidden plan another traitor among his ranks disclosed. In another scene, Peter Campion dwindled as a leak of information to the titanic gang.

Now, it has finally revealed that information coming from the Garrison’s barman, since he is the one who is revealing information to some sources in London. Tommy shot him in his head and then burnt his body. The shocking revelation of the finale was Alfie Solomons alive – Tommy went to Margate to see East-End gangster. Tommy need’s Alfie’s help some assistance from Jewish gangsters in London for the commotion at Mosley’s rally in Birmingham. It also seemed Tommy’s plan to kill MP backfire and it seemed new enemy waiting for new enemy’s attack.

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Tommy suicidal thoughts have also been confirmed and grace also says to him:

“It’s all done, we can walk away for all of this, it’s so easy.”

The episode led up to the moment when Tommy’s decision to destroy Mosley was being put into action. However, the ending left many viewers wondering whether the final character is dead.

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