Though the Coronavirus is causing lockdowns and people are destined to practice social distancing and self-isolation, we are lucky enough to experience another adventure of Shelby Gang but with a delay.

According to schedule, Peaky Blinders consisted on 5 seasons. But due to various reasons including wide success of attracting millions of viewers around the globe, the creators decided to bring Peaky Blinders Season 6 to the screens.

Catch all the latest action drama of the show including cast, release date, expectations, and predictions about the future of the show

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Release Date: When will it happen?

The finale of season 5 concluded with different open-ended situations suggesting that there will be another season of the Birmingham Gang. The writer of the series, Knight, revealed in an interview in July 2019 that he had been writing season 6 right after the conclusion of season 5.

The writing of season 6 was finished in December 2019 and several reports started saying that the production will start in January 2020. The director of the show, Anthony Byrne confirmed on Instagram that the show is in its pre-production stage.

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When all this was happening smoothly, an unforeseen apocalypse started unleashing itself to the world. This Coronavirus pandemic hit every aspect of life and after spreading to 160 countries of the world, abolishing it seems difficult for now.

This pandemic has caused the delay in Peaky Blinders Season 6 as the production has been postponed.

Peaky Blinders Season 6: Cast, Expectations, and Predictions

As per planning, filming for the season 6 was to be start in January 2020. The pre-production stage does take place but the show was unable to move further.

As of now, there are no confirmations about when the production will start. This also suggests that there is no confirmation about the cast as well. But depending on finale of the season 5 and Tommy’s failed assassination of Sir Oswald Mosely, we expect to see many familiar faces for Season 6.

The series is slowly moving towards World War II and expectations are that the season 6 will include it. Knight described the threat of looming war, “Because of the nature of the decade, the 1930s, we know what happened at the end – that war began. There are rumblings and rumors of war and that is overshadowing the whole thing,” in an interview.