Have you just done watching OA season 2 and found out that the ending was left on a clifhanger and demanding OA season 3? Simply put, You have to wait for it as the show can’t be renewed for now and if you are looking for shows on Netflix that is similar to it or a sci-fi/mystery/drama shows similar to watch? Then we’ve got you covered in this article. The OA is a mystery drama series with supernatural and fantasy elements. It was debuted on Netlfix in 2016 by Zai Batmanglij and Brit Marling. The season currently has two seasons each with a total of eight episodes. On Feb 27, 2017, the Oa season 2 was released that gained a massive appreciation among mystery and science fiction lovers. You can bookmark the site as we regularly update the viewers regarding all Web-series.

Will there be an OA season 3?

Fans of OA have been desperately for the OA season 3 as the story was left on a clifanger, still, some viewers railied with the hashtag “#SaveTheOA so that streamers will renew the show for the sake of a loyal fan base that is demanding a fair ending.

“Just like [Lost], [The OA] is another show that is hard to explain but is beautiful and thought-provoking; you have to pay attention (and trust me, some people think they know but they don’t),” wrote one fan. “[Netflix], The OA deserves the chance to finish its story.”

“I just watched [The OA] and it is the most awe-inspiring show I have ever had the privilege to experience,” added yet another. “THANK YOU [Brit Marling], Jason Isaacs], Zal [Batmanglij] and all the incredible humans involved in hurting my brain and my heart in the best way. It shouldn’t end like this.”

What should I watch after OA season 2?

As discussed earlier, you have to wait for the OA season 3 and presently these web series are available to watch on Netflix and that tends to match the taste of the OA show’s lover.

  1. Westwood
  2. Leftover
  3. Dark
  4. Sense 8
  5. Lost in space
  6. Travelers
  7. Altered carbon
  8. Russian doll
  9. Twin Peaks: The Return
  10. Awake
  11. Endless
  12. Black mirror

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