Looking for humor, laughter, and joy remaining glued to TV or mobile screens, we bet you have considered Rowan Atkinson aka Mr. Bean to be the best. With his effortless full of effort and comedy depictions, he is no less than a magician knowing the trick to enrich the audience with humor, laughter, and joy. In fact, some of the critics and fans call Rowan to be the best comedian the world has ever witnessed after Charlie Chaplin.

Where Charlie Chaplin is a character of the era where movies are just moving pictures without actor’s sound, Rowan Atkinson – Mr. Bean – belongs to the age of cinematic heights with tons of effects and editing options available. Still, Mr. Bean is a character that remains shut for most of the time and creates an air of humor that can be compared to that of Charlie Chaplin.

Not only on the camera Rowan Atkinson is a synonym of humor and laughter but he is a kind soul behind the scene as well. His life has a lot worth learning and sharing that is also motivating. One thing that is crystal clear through an insight into his life is that consistency is the key.

Early life of Rowan Atkinson: Age, Education, Marriage, and Ambitions

On January 6, 1955, at Newcastle, England, the comic actor opened his eyes to this world. By this, he has seen 65 springs of life. Rowan studied at Newcastle University and after that, he went to Oxford University for a Master’s degree.

To the great surprise of many fans, Mr. Bean aka Rowan Atkinson earned a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. From Oxford University he landed into comedy. He started performing at theatre clubs and on BBC Radio as well.

In 1990 the comedian tied the knot with Sunetra, a makeup artist. The couple divorced in 2015 having two children. Atkinson had a third child in 2017 with his girlfriend actress girlfriend Louise Ford.

The Comedy Career

Though he was performing at various platforms including theatre clubs, BBC Radio, BBC’s Not the Nine O’clock News which he wrote and starred as well, the big breakthrough was still missing.

This kick start is now ready to shift into a big spark of success when in 1990, Atkinson appeared in his own developed character, Mr. Bean. This character adapted in 1997 for a movie as well with the same name.

Including the famous Mr. Bean movie, Atkinson also credited the following, the Ultimate Disaster Movie (1997), Johnny English (2003) and Keeping Mum (2005).

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