Samsung is one of the leading smartphone technology companies on the planet. This makes the Korean giant experimenting and keeps on pushing its limits. Touch-technology has become deeply common in that companies are looking for advanced products. To add its share to the advancement, Samsung flip phone 2020 made its way to the market. Unlike previous flip phones or folding mobiles, Samsung flip phone is equipped with the latest Android technology.

Where this smart invention created a sense of thrill in customers, reviews from different sources claimed it an expensive experiment, only. On 11th Feb 2020, Samsung announced its latest Samsung flip phone 2020. The smartphone was released three days after that. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the flip phone, happened to be the incredible Android with a folding touch screen.

According to leading reviews, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was the best flip phone they’ve reviewed. With this incredible review, they also added concerns about the flip phone. The Z Flip costs a grand but this smart gadget has features like a normal smartphone.

Samsung flip phone 2020 is the first step towards improving and developing technology. This smartphone has opened doors for new opportunities.

Samsung Flip Phone 2020: Good Stuff

There are many good features of the Samsung flip phone that have made it worth considering. First of all, the major ingredient of an Android phone is performance, in fact, smart performance. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip fulfills this requirement effectively and efficiently.

Smart performance is the major ingredient that demands decent support from battery power. A smartphone without massive battery backup works relatively slower than huge power backed-up devices. Samsung flip phone 2020 successfully provides decent battery power back up required for fast and long-lasting performance.

There is always something special in a smartphone that makes people love it, buy it, and accept it. Acceptance of customer corridors is highly important. The 6.7 inches large Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the Samsun flip phone 2020, has solid-feeling and smooth hinge.

Samsung Flip Phone 2020: Some Concerns

Just like any other smartphone available in the market, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has some bad stuff too. The smartphone is unique because of its folding display. This feature has the first drawback on the list. The glass screen’s plastic covering gets scratches easily. This scratch increases with time.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip comes with dual camera: 12 MP, f/1.8, 27mm (wide), 1/2.55″, 1.4µm, Dual Pixel PDAF, OIS, and 12 MP, f/2.2, 12mm (ultrawide), 1.12µm. Here lies the second concern. The camera is not as good as S10 or iPhone 11. The camera features an LED flash, HDR, and panorama.

This folding Smartphone has 3300 mAh battery power comes with Fast and Wireless charging. The massive internal storage of 256GB with 8GB RAM frees you from the SD card. There is no Sd-card slot either. With this all, Samsung Flip Phone 2020 costs $1097-$1244. It is an expensive smartphone with these features.

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