Samsung Galaxy M41 Houses a Massive 6800 Mah Bettery


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Samsung has proven wrong all the reports claiming a delay in the launch of Galaxy M41 and M51. Various reports claimed that the Korean giant had dropped all plans. However, Samsung Galaxy M41 is alive with a massive battery power of 6,800 mAh. The Korean Technology giant has proven its worth with numerous lavished smartphones. The smartphone technology predecessor has made great advancements.

Samsung Galaxy M41 houses massive 6800 mAh Battery

Reports were circulating all over the internet in the past few weeks regarding Samsung Galaxy M41 getting out of M-series in favor of the upcoming M51. Fortunately, those reports have died their own. And Samsung Galaxy M41 is alive with incredible features and gigantic battery power of 6800 mAh.

GSM arena has confirmed it that Samsung Galaxy M41 3C certification had been cleared recently. On 28 June, the lavish huge battery-equipped Galaxy M41 cleared 3C certification. The 3C listing highlighted that the smartphone is very much alive, perfectly working, and smoothly performing. The listing also revealed that the smartphone supposed to get power from a huge 6800 mAh battery with quick charging. A battery with such capacity and charge is comparable to the batteries in some big tabs.

Samsung Galaxy M41 OLED Problem Solved

Previously, it was reported that Samsung Galaxy M41 is going to be the company’s first smartphone Android having a third party OLED display. No doubt, Samsung is still dominating the small OLED club which includes phones, watches, and displays. Interestingly, Samsung dominates high-profile costumers like Apple in this field too.

To gain this advantage for the latest smartphones, Samsung had given a thought to out-sourcing. It has been reported that Samsung Galaxy M41 will be the first Android device to carry a third party’s OLED display. This seems quite reasonable from the massive 6800 mAh capacity battery power. To work smoothly, efficiently, and effectively Samsung Galaxy M41 with a non-Samsung OLED requires such gigantic power backup. Put short, Samsung has successfully found a solution to the problem of the OLED penal supply.

Samsung Galaxy M41 Expected Price

Samsung has’t made any confirmation about the third-party vendor for the upcoming Galaxy M41 OLED panel. But it is expected that TCL’s China Star Optoelectronics Technology will supply OLED panel. With this discussion ongoing, Samsung had shockingly canceled the plan and ditched Galaxy M41 completely. Thankfully, it was in the past as Samsung Galaxy M41 has cleared 3C listing and expected to hit the market soon.

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With such a huge battery power, Samsung Galaxy M41 is expected to be priced at least $275 USD. It will cost Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 in India. This 4G compatible Samsung smart gadget was announced in September, last year.

Recently, news claiming that another upcoming Samsung smartphone got leaked, made its way to all over the internet. The expected Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra somehow leaked on the web. The accidental leak showered the highlights of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The upcoming smartphone, according to the leak, is equipped with new Copper color, the rear camera setup, and some elements regarding the design.