Spotify is a free music streaming service enabling you to listen to millions of videos, podcasts all around the globe. You can conveniently sign it up with email address of facebook account. However, users have continuously been complaining company for overlooking the key feature Spotify lyrics support that most of the competitors are offering.

The company has been asked several times whether the Spotify lyrics are being tested or when the feature will roll out in USA or other countries. The company has never responded to such questions. Need more detail regarding the company’s view and users disappointed for missing a key feature. Then walk through our intensive guide.

Why there should be Spotify lyrics?

Many of the spotify users get confused and find Spotify lyrics an important feature to be added to the app. Users come ahead and post on social media and reddit about it and surprisingly it is the second most asked question to the company.

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The company is far behind from the competitors

The voice search option has been launched on Spotify preimium that works when you long-press the seaerch button. Most of the users would not have idea about it.

Voice based computing has been growing since playing songs with verbal command are the expected features. Spotify lyrics has been launched in Japan so far, and there is no timeline when these tests will be forwarded to other markets. Unfortunately, the attention being given to these features is not enough, and that has made the company to lose the popularity and many potential audiences who have found an alternative to Spotify.

Lack of dedication in hardware

Spotify also showed negligence in hardware development. Despite being so popular, it still has not produced the home pod or Echoes. The company could have done this as consumers end up paying from the more significant or known tech players, eg Google Assistant/Google Home/Google Play Music (or YouTube Music) vs Alexa/Echo/Amazon Music (all promoted by Prime).

Spotify stuggles to build better terms with partners regarding development but apple showed least interest. Nor the company has improved much in terms of Spotify lyrics. Therefore Spotify dominance has started to decline. Amazon Music has seen a significant growth over time and has been rulling in the markets of US, Germany, Japan and UK. Apple also moved ahead of Spotify and refrained the company from ceding too much control to the algorithm.

Wrapping up

Despite all these concerns, spotify does not to fret out yet. It has managed to capture a considerable market and listeners in the music streaming business. It still offers excellent perks like personalization feature and popular playlists. The company should work on weakness and emerge again as an unbeatable  player of the music streaming business.

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