Omg, Omg, Omg! Expensive gifts are not the new trend of showing affection to our loved ones. Tarek El Moussa does the same. On the 32nd birthday of his girlfriend, El Moussa presents her a brand new Ferrari.

As we all know that Ferrari is very expensive car of this era, it is in the news from the day The Selling Sunset post it on her Instagram story. A photo was uploaded by the star capturing boyfriend, girlfriend, and the lavish Ferrari convertible.

Heather Rae Young and Tarek El Moussa GF
Heather Rae Young and Tarek El Moussa. Rob Latour/Variety/Shutterstock; Courtesy Tarek El Moussa/Instagram

It was very interesting for the fans of Young to watch her story that day. The Young’s story started with El Moussa’s talk in which he told his girlfriend that he is going to take her to a secret location, so romantic.

The romantically awesome conversation of El Moussa and his girlfriend Young is full romance. El Moussa starts by asking ‘All right birthday girl where are we going?’ it seems a simple question to start a surprise. In fact, it is an interesting way to start unfolding a surprise. Well, ‘I don’t know’ replied Young.

Young was stunned with the couple made it to the dealership where El Moussa bought a brand new Ferrari for her. Very well, El Moussa, you give new goals to the many couples around the world.

Couples from various part of the world are eagerly looking to various trends and tricks that can improve their relation. Making relationship goals and achieving them is not an easy task. Put short, make relationships stronger and better to live requires a lot of courage. This courage is the combination of many aspects like giving time to your girlfriend from your tough schedule, remembering her birthday, planning surprise parties, and so on.

El Moussa and his girlfriend hits the news from the very minute of Young’s posting the story on Instagram. Instagram is popular social media app having millions of users from all over the world. The photo-sharing social media is a famous of its wide space offered to celebrities and commoners at the same time.

With 487k followers on Instagram, the Netflix star Young is considered as a famous celebrity on social media app. It was through this social media app that El Moussa’s surprise shared by girlfriend Young. It all started by a video posted on Instagram on Young’s official account. This video started with a simple question asked by El Moussa, ‘Where we are going?’

‘I don’t know’ responded Young as she really doesn’t know what’s going on. After the couple leaves the house, thousands of Young’s fans went to a sudden shock. It was due to the view that fans have. It was a dealership where the El Moussa bought his girlfriend a brand new Ferrari. It was white Ferrari convertible.

Now, let’s talk about the present Young received on her 32nd birthday. The self made celebrity and real estate investor, El Moussa is also on Instagram. He took her to the dealership and bought her a brand new Ferrari convertible worth $120,000.

‘I think we’re going somewhere relaxing. So, I’m guessing a spa. But haven’t told me yet’, responded Young when El Moussa asked her whether she knows where there are going or not. The lovely couple takes to the next level of relationship goals where exchange of presents is an element of compassion.

When she finally had the idea that she now owns a Ferrari convertible she seemed her breath captured. ‘Omg, omg, omg, I’m freaking out, Best birthday ever, I love you so much’ Young’s captioned video said.

The Playboy Playmate Miss Feb 2010, showered her love on El Moussa and took pictures in front of the newly owned luxury car. There are three posts on Young Instagram and two on El Moussa Instagram showing the couple on birthday night.

She adds this description to her post, “I waited 32 years to meet this special man. I’m a hopeless romantic to my core and always believed in true love. My advice is to wait & don’t settle for anything less. . On our first date he asked me what my dream car was…… I said a white Ferrari. And……. #summates.”

The couple’s online chemistry is second to none. You can judge is it by yourself. Here is the romantic conversation the couple had on the birthday. When they were celebrating the night, El Moussa asked her. ‘Babe, did you order this perfect weather?’

 His girlfriend responded, ‘Of course, I did’. It was a nicely struck reply a girlfriend can offer to her love after such a lovely gift. Massages and facials at the spa add more charm to this birthday celebration.

The flip or flop host, El Moussa was married to Christina Anstead his co-host for 9 years. They got married in 2009 and had great time as they make a family out of this marriage. This marriage was ended in 2018 and after it El Moussa got in relationship with Netflix star, Heather Rae Young.

A daughter Taylor, 8, and a son Brayden, 9, is the asset of El Moussa and Anstead’s marriage. He introduced Young to his ex-wife and he revealed in an interview that he didn’t give up on either woman until they first met.

The expensive gift the El Moussa presents to girlfriend Young on her 32nd birthday remain in the news. It was white Ferrari convertible that worth $120,000.

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