Every day sees a new software launch to cope with the changing IT marketplace. There’s a huge demand for network monitoring tools, software, and vendors that help shape the IT world. If you’re wondering what’s new in the market, take a look at this list of the top network monitoring tools for 2021.

1. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

This is one of the best network monitoring tools that use SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor to check network devices’ status. It uses its autodiscovery to compile an asset inventory and draws an automatic network topology map. You can manage and change the interface of this product easily because it’s highly customized.

2. ManageEngine OpManager

Think of infrastructure management, network monitoring, and application performance management software when you come across this tool. It’s well balanced to provide excellent monitoring and analysis features. It’s capable of managing your servers, network configuration, fault and performance if you install it on your premise.

3. Datadog Network Monitoring

Datadog is known for providing good visibility on the components of your network and the connections between them. It can provide visibility on the cloud, on-premises, and also in a hybrid environment.

It supervises all the performance of your network devices. It can also identify virtual systems and use cloud monitoring to extend the monitoring links.

4. NinjaRMM Network Monitoring Tools

NinjaRMM is best for managing service providers, IT service businesses, and mid-market companies with small IT companies. IT professionals and managed service providers have access to powerful management software. It helps them monitor, manage, secure, and improve network devices.

5. Site24x7 Network Monitoring

Site24x7 is for those who want to understand more about network monitoring. The monitoring service covers servers, applications, and networks. The network monitoring software starts immediately you start exploring networks for connected devices.

With NinjaRMM, you can also improve your windows and Mac workstations. You also get to improve your servers and laptops at any location.

6. Obkio Network Monitoring Software

If you operate a small, medium, or large business, then Obkio is at your service. This network monitoring system empowers you to monitor your network’s performance continuously. It’s a powerful way to improve your user experience.

It’s software as a service (SaaS) solution that offers a simple network monitoring system to your business.

7. Nagios Tools for Network Monitoring

Nagios offers network monitoring software, network traffic monitoring, and a network analyzer. These services benefit small, medium, and large businesses. The Nagios network analyzers’ features include advanced visualization, custom application monitoring, automated alerts, a comprehensive dashboard, and more.

8. Zabbix Network Monitoring Tools

Like Nagios, Zabbix also provides businesses with open-source network monitoring services for server, cloud, network, services, and application. It contains advanced problem detection features, remediation, and intelligent alerting. These enable it to perform better.

It also contains features for metric collection, notifications, problem detection, distributed monitoring, and APIs.

9. Logic Monitor

Logic Monitor is an automated IT performance monitoring tool belonging to software-as-a-service. This product enables you to see the performance and health of your network.

The software also enhances your network’s performance and health.

10. ConnectWise Automate

ConnectWise Automate is a new network monitoring system on the block. It’s a cloud-based manager that tracks all your IT infrastructure from one point. It discovers all the devices in your network and then monitors them proactively.

You can learn more about network monitoring here.

Choose Your Network Monitor

Take your business to the next level with any of the above network monitoring tools. Find the tool that works well for your business and see you skyrocket your IT department.

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