The word “Vinyasa” is translated to a “place in a specific way,” yet in simple Sanskrit, it symbolizes the movement of limbs. The Vinyasa yoga is intricately connected with movements and these movements give a stability in terms of physical, mental and spiritual health. The Vinyasa flow has been growing in popularity as people are well-aware of the essence of this marvelous practice. Whether you are about to begin with yoga or looking to explore something new Vinyasa is just a perfect practice to go with. Read the intensive guide to know all the pre-requisites, pros, and cons.

Yoga is an internal practice. The rest is just a circus.” – Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

Things you should know about Vinyasa Flow

Some prerequisites need to be met for Vinyasa flow as it is a rhythmic flow, and in case you lose control over your breath, you also lose control over your body that can lead towards injury.

Alignment is important

Regardless of the flow or speed of performing yoga, another thing that matters is your alignment. It is imperative to keep your body safe and aligned while flowing dynamically.

All level practice

Vinyasa yoga is often said to be all level practice – meaning it is suitable for all size and shape.

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Control over breath

Breath is the most crucial element in any school of yoga. The breath is intricately linked to body and soul. You need to slow down when your breath becomes short or can hold it when doing the challenging posture.

Child’s pose is acceptable

Resting postures are considered to completely okay in the Vinyasa flow class as it is all about accepting and honoring your body, and if something is more laborious, you can always have a moment to relax.

Never push through the pain

Never push through pain; it can ruin the concept of yoga. Yoga is finding a stability between strength and surrender. Do what your body allows!

Transition matters a lot

The real magic lies in transition; just like a dance, there is no stop and go moments in yoga either. Accurately and gracefully link one moment to next and tie it with the breath to witness the real magic.

Props are always good

Props are your all-time friend in any yoga practice, befriend them and use them as much as you can.

Powerful workout

You should keep the ideology aside that yoga is just stretching because it involves slow movement and deep stretching. In reality, it is an easy yet powerful workout for the body and brain.

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What are the pros of using Vinyasa Yoga?

Breath synchronized movement of vinyasa yoga is a fantastic way to experience inner peace. There are tons of benefits of Vinyasa flow, and here we have highlighted top benefits

  • Vinyasa is fun that allows you to move with breath – the style feels like a dance.
  • Its great workout plan for the beginners, however, consider taking a workshop tailored to noobs, specifically focusing on the basics of Vinyasa.
  • It is a great cardio exercise as the continuous vinyasa movement let your hearts going.
  • It can push your physical limits and let you analyze your inner capabilities.
  • The smooth and continuous movement synched with heart makes you determined and focused in real life.

The problem with vinyasa yoga

Since vinyasa practice is the playground for instructor expression, who is less likely to focus on the poses or alignments of each student in the class. Hence the class is more about a challenging practice than making sure each student is comfortable and safe in their bodies.

Although the vinyasa yoga is one of the most practiced yoga which offers a person a deep spiritual experience, the sweaty, connected and powerful yoga does have some flows that are brushed under the yoga mat. Firstly, there is an assumption whoever attends the class already knows clues and poses, and the instructor may not teach you the basics. Simply put, if you are not aware of alignments and misalignments of it, you can lead yourself towards serious injury. Therefore, it is recommendable to take a workshop where teachers breakdown the style and posture and make you abreast about alignment and human anatomy. 

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