The Politician Season 2: Release Date and Expectations

For all the fans and general show lovers, the series stars Ben Platt as the indefatigable, frighteningly ambitious Payton Hobart, is a perfect balance of sex, melodramatic plot twists, and precocious teenagers. From this, it is visible for why the show got a huge response from the subscribers within very little time. The show has already been guaranteed for the second season. Here are the latest updates and expectations about The Politician Season 2.

The Deal about the show!

The show was actually signed for two seasons by Netflix. So, to all the rumors out there, it has been confirmed since the birth of the first show that there will be another season. Way back in 2019, Ben Platt confirmed that the cast has been working for season 2.

During an interview, Ben said, “The show…has jumped forward a few years, so we’re all playing a lot closer to our own ages.” He did not complete here and added further,  “As someone who’s continually back in high school, it’s a very nice change of pace. It’s a little bit more adult, I think, in tone, and there’s a bit more of an East Coast shadow over the whole thing, which I love.”

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The Politician Season 2: Cast

As it was signed for two seasons, it looks like that the entire cast is destined to return for season 2. To leave spoilers behind, we can confirm that the following will return for season 2: Ben Platt, Lucy Boynton, Bette Midler, Judith Light, Julia Schlaepfer and several cast members from season 1.

What will happen?

This is a broad question that can be summarized by asking the fate of Payton. There is one simple reason behind this: the first season didn’t go very well for him. The Politician was concluded with an ambivalent success, a bombed romantic story, and loss of tremendous riches.

Now the question remains, where will The Politician season 2 land via upcoming plot? In a private friends meeting, Lucy Boynton revealed some crucial hints about the Politician Season 2.

With various plot assumptions like The wily Dede Standish (Judith Light) and her bulldog campaign advisor Hadassah Gold (Bette Midler) and Dede’s run unopposed at the last few elections, we hope The Politician Season 2 will follow our fledgling statesman on the campaign trail. Vote for Payton!


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