Big Brother season 21 is over. The three final contestants of the famous TV show were Jackson Michie, Holly Ellen and Nicole Anthony. The show became more interesting when the jury was torn before the final.

Dr.Will said, “Michie” should be the winner as she has won nine competition”, Kat disagreed and said that winning games weren’t all about the competition. However she agreed that he stayed loyal throughout the show. After all this blowup fight, the decision became difficult that made audience glued on their screen. Tommy wasn’t in favour of Michie, and he clearly said, “He does not want him to win” since he spoke very inappropriately with Christie and Kat.

Big Brother' Crowns Season 21 Winner
Nicole Anthony, Holly Allen, and Jackson Michie Sonja Flemming/CBS (3)

The group was divided by opinion on both Nicole and Holy. Kat said that Nicole has played under-rated and cliff confessed he would have gone home earlier as she ain’t deserved to be among three leading contestants of the show. While Nick didn’t notice any of the gameplay and other two defended her claiming that it only happened because she was not on alliance.

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The final FOH

The final game was to be done. During the second part of NOH, Both Holly and Nicole to choose the exact date of the events as certain photos were plastered on a wall. The final competition became more complicated, but Nicole managed to win the game by four minutes. Since Michie also managed to win the first part of FOH and now Michie and Holly were the two finalists of the show.

The Final 3 Monty Brinton/CBS

The jury then asked holy and Michie question, the one out of which was the way Michie spoke to women”

Michie replied

I have never, at any point, disrespected a woman’s character or her physical appearance or in any way demoralized her as a person. … I have never made anything personal with anyone, male or female. I respect women more than anything. I love my mom to death. She raised me right and at no point, have I ever wanted to come across as degrading.”

Holly also explained different ups and down and how she played differently from michie throughout the show.

Nicole: Holly
Cliff: Michie
Tommy: Michie

Sis: Michie
Kat: Holly
Jack: Michie

Christie: Michie
Jessica: Holly
Nick: Michie

With the voting, Michie was the winner of Big Brother season 21 Whereas Nicole won America’s favourite houseguest title with over one million votes.

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