Are you not feeling like your usual self? Do you feel down and out? If your answers to these questions are ‘yes’, there may be a reason why you feel this way.

These are signs that signal you may have depression. Depression is a mood disorder that affects about 17.3 million adults. Persons who suffer from depression may not always seek help.

If you believe that you are suffering from depression, you must know its warning signs. You have to get help if these signs are present. Read this guide to learn about five of the common signs of depression.

1. Helpless and Hopeless Outlook

Persons who suffer from depression will experience different symptoms. Depression can change how a person thinks and feels. It’s common to have a helpless and hopeless outlook when depression kicks in.

Depression can make people feel like things will never get better. It can make people believe that there’s nothing they can do to improve their situation. Feelings of worthlessness and guilt may also be present.

This can also lead to a loss of interest. Do you find like you no longer get pleasure or enjoyment from doing your favorite things? If you no longer want to be with your friends, you may have depression.

Depression can cause a person to lose interest in sex. A decreased sex drive is another warning sign of depression.

2. Experiencing Major Changes

Eating too much or too little are symptoms of depression. If you notice that you’re gaining a lot of weight in a short time, there is a cause for concern. The same goes for excessive weight loss.

Depression can lead to sleep problems. Are you sleeping too much? You may not even feel like getting out of bed if you’re depressed.

A person who suffers from this disorder may have trouble sleeping. This is why many people diagnosed with depression have low energy levels. Many feel tired all the time.

3. Loss of Concentration

Trouble concentrating and focusing are two signs of depression. This can cause you to make bad decisions as you lose your train of thought. People with depression often think about negative thoughts which causes them to face problems at work or school.

4. Uncontrollable Emotions

Do you find yourself lashing out at your friends or family? Are you on edge most of the time? Irritability and anger are common warning signs of depression.

These are emotions you can’t control. It can be hard for people around you to understand how you feel. This can cause you to feel like everyone is getting on your nerves.

5. Thoughts About Death

Dealing with depression can’t be hard for some. For some people, their feelings can be too much for them to bear that they may think about death often.

Depression increases the risk for suicide. If you’re experiencing these negative thoughts, you have to get help right away.

To relieve the symptoms of depression, consider seeking mental health care. There are various treatment options available. Click the link for more information about one of the treatments used for depression.

Get Help for Depression

Depression is a serious mental health disorder. If you have any of these signs, there is a chance you have depression. It’s important to get help if you are suffering from depression.

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