The world has nothing for always as they say, “the fever, the pain, the storm, abates.” But this time the shocking news was for the dance lovers. The popular dance reality show ‘Dancing With The Stars’  got two of its prominent names fired, suddenly. The news of  Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews getting fired was a sudden and shocking reality.

As one out another will have to get its place. The same is the case here. The exit of the both these hugely recognized names paves way for Tyra Banks. Now the job of hosting the popular dancing show is on her shoulders.

This news has not been well received by the fans. the change seems a little unexpected, mainly because they love both the co-hosts of the show and partly because they had never imagined of Tyra Banks in the role.

Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews dropped from ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Both co-hosts of the hit ABC competition had been fired and the news was a shock for not only to fans but to the talent themselves. It was a move that no had expected.

Bergeron, 65, who has hosted since the show’s 2005 start, took twitter to announce his abrupt firing for ‘Dancing with the Stars’. On July 13th, He tweeted that ABC dancing show “will be continuing without me.” He summarized his time ‘incredible 15 year run’ and said the news is ‘most unexpected gift of my career’. He showed his gratefulness because of ‘the lifelong friendships made’.

Bergeron’s co-host Erin Andrews, 42 also showed her concerns on sudden and shocking firing from ‘Dancing with the Stars’. She thanked ‘ABC and the entire Dancing with the Stars family’ for ‘6 memorable seasons’. She appreciated hosting partner because those years wouldn’t have been ‘special without my loving host Tom Bergeron’. She also thanked ‘the talented dancers and witty judges’.

Actor Lea Thompson, who competed on the show in 2014 commented, “I love you [Tom Bergeron]. You are the best. There is no @DancingABC without you. They might as well cancel it. xoxoxoxo”

Community star Yvette Nicole Brown, took Twitter, “annoyed and can’t find any words that I should say about this news……”

Tyra Banks to host Dancing with the Stars

ABC has not only made the firings of the current hosts all of a sudden but it has also named the new host to the show: Tyra Banks. Moreover, she will be the executive producer on the show.

American television personality, model, producer, businesswoman, and actress, Tyra Banks, also known as BanX expressed her delight to join the successful series in a statement in which she also praised Bergeron. She revealed that she has been a fan of the show ‘‘DWTS’ since its beginning’. She said ‘fun mixed with raw emotion’ and ‘sizzling dance performances’ are the specialty of the show.