Top Auto Tune app of Android and Iphone 2020

How cool it is to listen to your untrained voice transforming into a tuneful and harmonious melody. An auto tune app is one that is employed by every budding and professional singer to make the voice more refined and also to mitigate the vocal fatigue. Here we’ve brought the best auto tune apps of 2020 that won’t hurt anyone’s ear and let you sing like a pro.

Whether you are a professional singer and have no hesitation in showing off the talent in public or a singer with limited ability and merely singing in the bathroom or bedroom? Whatever category of singing you belong to, you will always need assistance from singing an app with auto tune that refine singing skills and support you in the right way. These apps detect the pitch of note sung and convert it to the exact tuning.

Insanely cool auto tune app to make life more fun

Not every auto tuner is expensive to bring out the inner singer in you. Check out these insanely cool auto tune apps that have made their place on the top of the list of ‘best auto tune apps of 2020’.

 1. Auto-rap by Smule

Auto-rap by Smule is a fantastic app that converts the general speech into rap and also rectifies the lousy rapping. After launching, you must set the app to an appropriate mode – talk or rap mode. Each mode has distinctive features.

Notable features of Smule – The social singing app

  • In the talk mode, you flawlessly dictate the lyrics and the app automatically matches the words. While on rap mode, you follow the selected bit and sing along.
  • In this app, you get the variants of styles and bits.
  • In this singing app of auto tune, you may encounter the tunes of the track by Snoop Dogg, BOB, Nicki Minaj, and Eminem.
  • The composition you make can be saved to any social media app.

Download this auto tune app for android and iOS

2. Acid Pro

Acid pro is the best auto tune app for pc when it comes to music production. It was first released two decades ago however the new version has a classy interface and 64-bit meaning you can take full advantage of this monster engine.

Notable features of Acid Pro

  • It offers sixteen tools and 13 effects to create various kinds of music.
  • You can change anything from pitch to the length of each cycle for the desirable results.
  • Many plugins are also up to make more professional music.
  • Online editing is also an excellent feature that enables you to change MIDI data with the Piano roll and drum grid.

Download this super powerful auto tuner for Pc

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3. Tune me

Tune me is a fantastic auto tune app that enables you to record the favorite song by imitating any singer or performer.

Notable features of tune me – The top trending singing app

  • The pitch correction will assist in transfiguring the voice to sound like Kanye West, Akon or T-pain.
  • You can randomly select any song from the personal song library or record rap in any freestyle.
  • The app offers you the great perks, including; recording and downloading background bits, setting any of the songs as a caller tune tune.
  • You can sing along to almost any mp3 melody.

Download this amazing auto tune app for android

4. Voloco- Auto voice tune+harmony

Voloco is an exciting app with a wide range of features that enable you to get the best and most refined effects in online mode.

Notable features of Voloco: Auto Voice Tune + Harmony

  • You record the voice in real-time and shift the intonations to the particular pattern. Hence the voice is immediately processed and ready for playback.
  • This is an auto tune app online for the professionals and noobs so that they can record their songs in a more streamlined manner.
  • The flawless will help you to get rid of those annoying re-recordings.

Download this voice tuner and harmony app for android

5. Rapchat

Rapchat is a fun app for those who are admirers of hip-hop music. The app provides you with thousands of beats in no time.

Notable features of Rapchat – Make a hit song

  • It comes with a feature, namely ‘Auto vocal tune’ that makes you sound like the reputed or the best rappers of the world.
  • It is an excellent app for beginners as you can record the song in any way you like.
  • In case you don’t have your content, you can try out the available text and sing like heroes.
  • This auto tune app for android and iOS is user-friendly and comes with a beautiful interface.

Download this voice app for android and iOS

6. Ableton Live

An excellent software that works as an auto tune app for pc and helps you transform your ideas into realities,

Notable features of Ableton Live – The Music Production app

  • This software provides you with the advanced MIDI recording capabilities meaning you can work with any hardware synthesizer.
  • It offers you more than 300 sounds ranging from acoustic instruments, multi-sampled acoustic drum kits, and much more.
  • The Live’s Arrangement View enables you to improvise your track for as many times as you like.

Download this music production software for Pc

7. Auto-Tune mobile

Auto-tune mobile is the best auto tune app for iphone that discovers every musical thing and let’s you and your friend sing perfectly at no cost.

Notable features of this pitch correction app

  • You can use millions of songs with music and lyrics.
  • You will be given a choice to use the exclusive audio of your choice.
  • The app functions smoothly without any lag.
  • You can download it now to check it out how effortlessly it works.

Download this fun auto tune app for iOS

8. Cubase

Cubase is all in one software that enables you to perform every function from composing and recording to editing and mixing. However, it is important that before downloading the pc version make sure your system meets all the requirements to run it smoothly.

Notable features of Cubase – Create. Produce. Mix. Repeat

  • This software is advanced yet works as an auto tune app for pc and works like the best audio workstation ever.
  • There are currently three various versions of this software up for grabs.
  • It is suitable for all genres, levels, and budgets.
  • You can do everything from composing, sequencing beat mixing to recording audio editing and mixing.

Download this super powerful music software for pc

9. MicDroid

A perfect app offers you some excellent features including automatic pitch correction and then reproducing it with some added effects to make your voice more beautiful.

Notable features of this cool audio recording app – MicDroid

  • You can email your recordings, set it as ringtone and enable and disable ads as well.
  • Some other options assist in you refining your voice and sounding you like a pro and makes it the best auto tune app for android.
  • It supports Microphone with tons of features for recording audio

Download MicDroid for Android

10. Star Maker

The app has some of the excellent features like searching and adding friends to checking out the unique SID on the ME page, offering personalized songbooks and making the most out of your music experience with ‘take the mic’ feature.

Notable features of StarMaker-Sing Karaoke Songs

  • Star maker is one of the renowned free auto-tune apps with over 50 million users.
  • It is an open stage enabling you to compete and sing with the given lyrics cards.
  • It supports users to search from a profile page by song name.
  • There are thousands of voice effects to make your voice more beautiful.

Download star maker for Android and iOS

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11. E Z voice

Auto tune apps for android are generally free and provide users some of the excellent benefits of listening to their untrained voice like a professional vocalist.

Notable features of EZ – Voice

  • EZ voice is also one of the autotune android app that allows you to sing along with any song and sound like a professional.
  • It does everything from hiding the original voice to controlling pitches to adding effects for the most satisfying outcomes.
  • It lets you practice, perform, and record vocals using music in your library.

Download EZ – the voice for Android and iOS

12. The Voice

You can now experience the feelings of a star performing on a stage with this app.

Notable features of ‘The Voice’

  • The process is extremely simple, all you have to do is select a song and sing along. While the rest of the magic is performed by the app itself.
  • The idea of this app is taken from a famous tv show, The Voice.
  • It is indeed the best free auto tune app letting you sing like award-winning singers.

Download ‘The voice’ for Android

13. Karaoke

It is a free auto tune app for iPhone giving you an excellent chance to sing along with hundreds of songs that come with music and video.

Notable features of Karaoke – Sing Unlimited Songs

  • Due to the best ever features, it has made its way into the best auto tune video apps.
  • From endless selection to the best themes to the charming video effects – it has everything to make you feel like a star. Therefore, we also have added into the compilation of the best auto tune app for the iPhone.
  • The user-friendly interface and suitable for all genres and levels.

Download Karaoke – Sing Unlimited Songs for iOS

14. Auto Tune pro

Are you struggling to find a quality auto tune app for mac? Cheers! Your search ends here with this amazing auto tune app free.

Notable features of this auto tune vocal studio

  • It provides some of the excellent features like Pitch Correction and Vocal Effect, Automatic Formant Correction, and ARA Support Adjustable.
  • It supports throat Modeling, Graphic Pitch Editing, Mode for the Auto-Tune 5 Sound, humanization,
  • Tuning Parameters on Individual Notes.
  • You can even do flex-Tune Transparent, Generate Note Objects from MIDI and many others.

Download this auto tune vocal studio for Mac

15. Voice Changer

As the name indicates, it is an excellent app that gives you an opportunity to transform your voice into a professional vocalist.

Notable features of ‘Voice Changer’ with effects

  • The best audio and video effects have a tendency to blow anyone’s mind.
  • You can select from a plethora of songs available.
  • The built-in effects to change your voice are some of the added perks you avail with no price.
  • You can personalize your voice with the help of different audio effects like echo, reverb, pitch, and more.

Download ‘The voice’ for Android


We often witness that the voice of an ordinary actor or a budding musician transforms into the professional vocalists and that transformed voice can challenge the award-winning singers – the real magician behind this transformation is none other than an ‘Auto-tune’. It is super fun for many people to hear their untrained voice transforming into a professional and tuneful melody. The best auto tune app can never be free, it will cost you some bucks but there are some auto tune apps for android that let the musical magic prevail with no price.


How does a typical auto tune app work?

An auto tune app receives an input signal, identifies the pitch, and then amend it according to your demands. It works great in terms of rectifying wavering pitch and bad notes. Any autotune voice app reduces the need for re-recording or overdubbing.

Does every professional singer use an auto tune voice app?

The majority of the singers use some good auto tune apps to avoid vocal fatigue. Singers like Taylor Swift use it in their recordings for the tuneful and harmonious voice.

How much does an average auto tune cost?

You can have an auto tune free app however if you need a more satisfying outcome there are paid softwares that will have an estimated cost between $129-$210.

Why do people consider autotune cheating?

There are some famous programs like X-factor which have skipped using such apps because they realized it was cheating. In typical scenarios, it is not unless a singer can only sing with the auto-tune.


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