Your brain is kind of a big deal.Foods Which Boost Your Memory It is the central control mechanism of the body. Your brain is responsible for keeping your lungs breathing and heartbeat, allowing you to think, feel, and move. This is why it is a great idea to ensure that your brain is in its peak working condition.

Surprisingly, certain foods play an influential role in keeping your brain healthy and better specific mental tasks, such as concentration and memory.

So, here is a quick rundown of some of the foods that you can include in your diet to boost your memory. 

Almond Butter

Nut butter and nuts are excellent sources of Vitamin E. As you may know, Vitamin E is a vital antioxidant, which helps guard against cell degradation, most associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

More so, as nuts are fiber-rich and have high monounsaturated fats in them, they are super-filling. Almonds are also a great source of magnesium, calcium, and potassium. These are responsible for stabilizing your blood sugar levels, which is vital for your brain health. 

Black beans

‘One of the most inexpensive food sources, which is a great addition to your diet to boost your memory, is the black beans,’ comments Rhea, an educator who offers CDR report writing services. 

Well, we agree with Rhea on this. Black beans (in fact, all kinds of beans) are indeed inexpensive and are a rich protein source. They have a healthy folate and magnesium dosage in them. Scientists suggest that magnesium helps better memory and cognitive function. In general, beans are great for your heart, brain and ensure a healthy blood flow. 


Eggs have essential vitamins, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B group, Vitamin B 12, and Vitamin D in them. These Vitamins are great for your memory. More so, eggs also have tyrosine in them, which helps your brain send and receive signals. Eggs provide your body with the requisite energy and keep you, fitter. 

Janice, an online reviewer who recently did the review for the best fertilizers for citrus trees says, that, ‘My morning breakfast comprises two eggs, and that not only keeps me fuller till the lunch but is also great for my brain health.

Oily fish

Oily fish is an excellent Omega-3 source. These fatty acids are essential in building membranes around every cell in the body, including brain cells. Thus, they are excellent at improving the structure of the brain cells known as neurons.  

A study conducted in 2017 found that people with high Omega-3 levels experienced an increase in the blood flowing to the brain. Researchers even established a connection between Omega-3 levels and better-thinking abilities and cognition. These results suggest that eating foods rich in Omega-3, such as Oily fish, can better your brain function. 

Some of the top examples of oily fish that have high Omega-3 levels are:

  1. mackerel
  2. salmon
  3. herring
  4. tuna
  5. sardines

Alternatively, if you are a vegetarian, you can consume Omega-3-rich foods, such as flaxseeds, soybeans, nuts, and other seeds. 


Generally speaking, there is no magic bullet that can accentuate your IQ and suddenly make you smarter. However, there are substances, such as caffeine, which can better your concentration levels and energize your body. Caffeine is found in coffee, tea, energy drinks, chocolate, and some medications. Caffeine provides you with an unmistakable wake-up buzz.

However, it is vital to understand that the impact of caffeine is only transient. Also, when consuming caffeine, do remember that more is less. If you happen to overdo your caffeine dosage, it can leave you feeling uncomfortable and jittery. 


Just like everything else in the body, even your brain will be unable to function properly, sans energy. The ability to focus and concentrate comes from an adequate and steady supply of energy (in the form of glucose) into the blood. From the blood, it is transported to your brain. Your body gets its energy from picking whole grains, which have a low GI. This implies that they produce energy gradually into the blood, thereby keeping you mentally alert through the day.

If you consume minimal carbs, such as whole grains, it can make you irritable and your brain foggy. When selecting whole grains, opt for the healthier variants, such as brown rice, brown bread, and whole-wheat pasta. 

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds have antioxidants in them. Further, the seeds are also a great source of iron, copper, magnesium, and zinc. The brain utilizes zinc for nerve signalling, copper to control and manage the nerve signals, magnesium for boosting memory and learning, and iron to curtain brain fog.  

So, these are the seven best foods to boost your memory and brain function. Have more to add to the list? Do let us know in the comments below. We would love to share more such options with our readers.