That’s why we created an easy-to-follow guide on tying a tie. There are several classic tie styles for you to try, including a Simple Knot and a bow tie. Any of the ties in this guide are perfect for any event, so try a few to see what suits your fancy.

So get your ties out, get your hands ready, and keep reading to practice tying your favorite knot today.

The Simple Knot

The Simple Knot, also known as the Oriental Knot, is one of the easiest types of tie knots out there, perfect for those who are looking for a quick knot to complement their outfit.

If you’re a tall man who doesn’t have an extra-long tie or if you only have thick neckties to work with, the Simple Knot will work wonders for you.

How to Tie a Simple Knot

1. Start with your tie facing outward, with the wide end of the tie on your left shoulder and the skinny end on your right shoulder. The tip of the skinny end of the tie should lie right above your belly button.

2. Cross the wide end of your tie to your right, laying it underneath the skinny end.

3. Bring the wide end up and over the skinny end, back towards the left shoulder.

4. Pull the wide end of your tie up through the neck loop from underneath.

5. Now take the wide end through the loop you just created from this last step. Pull it down to tighten and slide the knot up to adjust.

You’ve just now created a Simple Knot. Feel free to re-do and adjust to familiarize yourself with the technique.

The Bow Tie

Bow ties have become a popular style among the different types of ties. This stylish tie is for men who want to stand out with style. Bow ties are complicated to tie, but are mastered with practice and always admired.

First, you’ll need a bow tie, which is shaped differently than a normal tie. Find a pattern you like, drape the bow tie around your neck, and follow these directions closely to tie a perfect bow tie.

How to Tie a Bow Tie

1. Begin with your bow tie resting pattern-side up. Adjust it so your bow tie’s right side is shorter than the left.

2. Cross the left side over the right.

3. Bring the left side under the right side and up through your neck loop.

4. At your neck, fold the right side towards your right shoulder and then fold it back over towards your left. This will create a bow shape.

5. Now bring the left side of your tie down and over the middle of the bow shape that you just made.

6. Fold the left side back under, towards your chest, and pinch down the fold.

7. Push the pinched end through the loop behind the bow shape.

8. Pull on both sides of the folded bow to tighten and adjust until balanced evenly.

Tying a bow tie is difficult at first, but with practice, you’ll find that the bow tie is your new favorite style.

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The Four-in-Hand Knot

Due to its simplicity and style, the Four-in-Hand Knot is also known as a Schoolboy Knot. This knot has been regarded as an easy and stylish tie, ready for any occasion.

When tied, this knot makes for a narrow, asymmetrical tie knot. This is a great method for men with shorter necks, as it creates a look of elongation and elegance.

How to Tie a Four-in-Hand Knot

1. Drape your tie around your neck. Start with the wide end of your tie on your left side, keeping it about 8-12 inches longer than the skinny end.

2. Cross the wide end over the narrow end.

3. Bring the wide end underneath the skinny end.

4. Wrap the wide end of your tie around the skinny end again.

5. Pull the wide end under and through the neck loop. Then slip the wide end down through the small loop you’ve created in your tie.

6. Tighten the knot and create a dimple under your knot by pressing inwards with your index finger while pinching the sides of the knot with your thumb and your middle finger.

The Four-in-Hand Knot resembles the Simple Knot but has some added flair. Once you have this technique down, this tie style will be one of your favorites.

The Full Windsor Knot

While the Full Windsor Knot can be complicated to tie, it’s considered the most elegant.

This knot might take a few tries to get right, but once you’ve succeeded, you’ll find yourself wearing it for every formal event from now on.

How to Tie a Full Windsor Knot

1. Begin with the wide end of your tie on your left shoulder, about 12 inches below the skinny end. This length difference is best so that you have enough fabric to tie.

2. Cross the wide end of your tie over the skinny end.

3. Bring the wide end of the tie under the crossed portion and through the loop. Now the wide end should be out on your right side.

4. Bring the wide end of your tie from the right to the left, underneath the knot.

5. Take the wide end through the loop from the outside–it should now be on your left side with the base of your knot formed.

6. Wrap the wide end of your tie over the knot, from left to right.

7. Bring the wide end underneath the knot and through the loop, then slide the wide end through the knot. Try the dimple technique with this knot to create an even more elegant look.

Once you’ve perfected the Full Windsor Knot, pair it with your favorite suit to create a timeless look.

Tying a Tie Made Easy

Whether it’s a Simple Knot or a Full Windsor Knot, tying a tie can be difficult. Following these steps will help you tie different types of tie knots and master your favorite ones.

No matter the event, you’ll be ready to look your best with any of these tie knots.

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