The “umbrella academy” is American web-based series developed by Jerry Slater and Steve Blackman for Netflix. The story is based upon the comic book of the same name published by none other than dark horse comics – a big name in comic books and Manga publishing.  The umbrella academy has been the most popular show of 2019 after strange things and witcher. The first season was aired on Feb 2019 – the show got tons of positive reviews from critics mainly for the outstanding cast and visuals.

The series was primarily filmed in Hamilton and Toronto. Netflix in 2019 reported that more than forty-five million people watched the show during the first month of release. Considering the fame and reviews, the series was renewed in April 2019.

Read on the premise, cast and expected release date along with spoiler alert of the show

The premise of “The Umbrella Academy”

Back in 19’s over 40 women gave birth to the children simultaneously – none of them had any sign of pregnancy till the labor began. Seven children were adopted by a billionaire namely Reginald Hargreeves and that children turned into a superhero team namely “Umbrella Academy”. Children are initially given numbers but eventually named by their robot mother: Ben, Venya, Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Number Five. All six children are supposed to work against crime while Venya does not work with siblings as she apparently has no power of her own.

Presently, Allison has become a renowned actress, Luther has been living in the moon for four years and is a part-animal. Klaus is a drug addictive, Venya is a female violinist, Ben is a ghost, Diego is a Vigilante. Upon the death of Reginald, siblings reunite and try to reveal the secret of their family, abilities and their divergent personalities.

Simply put, the story of the umbrella academy revolves around the adopted siblings who reunite to resolve the mystery of their father’s death and the warnings of an impending apocalypse.

Sir Reginald Hargreeve will be seen more in next season as his mystery is still not resolved.

Cast and characters

The cast and characters of umbrella academy include:

  1. Ellen Page as Venya Hargreeves
  2. David Castañeda as Diego Hargreeves
  3. Tom Hopper as Luther Hargreeves
  4. Emmy Raver-Lampman as Allison Hargreeves
  5. Aiden Callagher as Number five
  6. Justin H Min as Ben Hargreeves
  7. Colm Feore as Reginald Hargreeves
  8. Robert Sheehan as Klaus Hargreeves
  9. John Magaro as Leonard Peabody
  10. Marry J. Blige as Cha-Cha

Recurring ( Season 2 )

  1. Marin Ireland as Sissy
  2. Yusuf Gatewood as Raymond
  3. Rainbow Sun Francks as Chuck Beaman
  4. Sheila McCarthy as Agnes
  5. Ashley Madekwe as Agnes

 Release data of Umbrella academy season 2

Netflix announced that the filming for season 2 began in April 2019 and came to an end in November 2019. However, the chances are high that fans will be able to watch it anytime in 2020. Showrunner Blackman confessed that the second season could take eighteen months – that means it is highly likely the show will return to screens in somewhere in August. Netflix generally announces a release date with teaser in advance – So keep waiting till you get to see the official teaser soon on the screen.

Spoiler Alert

Venya will destroy the moon at the end of the season. The broken piece will eventually fall on earth, however kids will try their best to save the world but nothing will work. Number five decides to take them back to the past, this is just the guess!

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