Uncommon and common sources of passive income

There are many ways of making your money grow steadily, but passive income is the best among them. Passive income is income that does not require trading your time for money.

You can receive passive income regardless of your time and with less effort to maintain it, unlike active income, which requires selling your time for money and that you are present in the place of work to be paid.

Passive income does not mean one-off payments such as an inheritance or the sale of an asset like your house or stocks that you own.

Passive income does not mean permanent income. Some forms of passive income can last a few years. Other forms can continue for decades or even centuries over generations.

When it comes to making money, passive income is the ultimate goal of anyone seeking financial freedom – it’s money you don’t have to trade your time for. It’s money that just shows up in your bank account month after month while you sleep.

Stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other financial assets

Dividend income is money paid to shareholders in the form of cash. Dividend-paying stocks are particularly attractive to those who want to earn a living with passive income, as they will receive payouts every quarter or so. 

If you are going to go this way, make sure you educate yourself and choose solid stocks so that you can count on your dividend income for years to come.

Besides stocks, financial markets such as the crypto market or foreign currency market come with enormous opportunities for retail investors.

With modest deposits anyone, today can jump into the boat of trading foreign currencies and cryptocurrency investment. 

With the compounding strategy implemented, your investment may show a return over a couple of months. To start trading in the financial market, you will need a trustworthy broker. Before going for one of them, check out the broker review and see what’s in there for you.

Rental property

Buying a home for rent is by no means an easy process, and it is not a passive source of income for everyone. But if you own or inherit a property – or can afford to buy one – a rental property could be one of your greatest generators of passive income.

Even if you break even, tenants will continue to pay off your mortgage, and you will own a home that may increase in value over time.

Post videos to YouTube

Many ordinary people have become money-related stress-free just by making videos on youtube. Every time someone watches one of your videos, you earn money from the ads that appear on the site. The secret is to have a large number of subscribers and post videos regularly.

Sell your photos

Instead of wasting your photography skills on Instagram, make your hobby pay off by selling your photos online and generating passive income that flows in when people buy them. Major photo distributors like Shutterstock are accepting requests; just be sure to follow all of the guidelines.