What are the selection criteria for IBPS Clerk?

Getting a job in one of the government banks in India is a matter of huge honor as well as prestige. Millions each year attempt to do so because getting a job in a bank most definitely means long-term stability that many can utilize, and this has to be noted with due diligence in this case. Government jobs once acquired are rarely let go of. 

This implies that they can live a secure life once they qualify for the banking exam and the interview. To fulfill their dream, there is the existence of the exam known as IBPS clerk. Lakhs of candidates prepare diligently for this exam and try to make sure that their efforts are counted with due precision in the long run. Here we shall explore the criteria of selection under IBPS Clerk exam and some preparation tips. 

Criteria for selection in IBPS clerk

There are a few factors that need to be taken care of to appear in the IBPS clerk exam. The factors are mentioned here as follows:

  1. The candidate appearing for the exam must be a citizen of India and this is by far the most important point to be reckoned with in this case.
  2. The candidate must possess a graduate degree in any stream of education, and UGC must recognize that degree C. The university thus has to be approved by UGC from which the concerned person has completed his or her graduation.
  3. In the particular state for which a candidate is applying, they must know the different facets of that language concerned so that they can give their best.
  4. The minimum age required is 20 years while the maximum age required is 28. However, in this regard, it has to be mentioned here that certain provisions of relaxation are available for the candidates belonging to the reserved category.
  5. There must be a proper knowledge of computers to be seen among the candidates.

Preparation tips 

Routine planning

To qualify for the exam without any kind of online coaching, it is imperative to note here that one must possess a proper routine so that there are no complications to be seen in the process of the exam. One can easily plan their preparation in this manner and can then go on to achieve success without any hassle along the way.

Reading the best books

One has to read authentic IBPS Clerk books for the exam where they can get the right possible ways to crack it. There are many such books seen to be available in the market. All one has to do is go on to buy them. This will ensure that their preparation is on track. In this manner, they can assure their success as well.

Motivational videos

Watching a range of motivational videos are seen to be often helpful for the candidates appearing for the exam as in this way they can remain sure that they are on track. One needs periodic guidance and this is natural. Plenty of such videos can be found on websites like YouTube.

Practicing a lot

It is imperative to make sure that one practices a lot of questions for the exam, and this must be noted with due concern. The more they practice, the greater they will know what needs to be done and how. This can give them a direction to succeed in the long run. 


It is thus understood that one can get stability with the help of the IBPS clerk exam. Here in this article, the eligibility for it has been discussed. We also focused on the different preparation tips that can help people succeed without online coaching. 

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