Read on to know OTP meaning and how it ensures enhanced protection than a static password. OTP stands for one-time password whose validity ends after one-time use. It is often practiced by banks or software to proceeds a transaction or access the application. The password becomes expired after a one-time use or specific period.

Why (OTP) is a better approach against password-based attacks

One time password is an excellent approach that significantly reduces the chances of password based attacks, especially against password sniffing (a password-based technique where people get knowledge about passwords through the help of various automatic password sniffing tools) or replays attacks ( data transmission is fraudulently repeated or delayed ). It is way more protective than static passwords as each time a new and random password is generated that hackers or crackers can never guess.

How is OTP created?

OTP is the mixture of random symbols, numeric characters, or alphabets that mostly no one can guesstimate. It primarily uses following techniques for the creation of a password

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Mathmatical algorithem: A password is generated using different numerics.

Time synchronization:  The password expires after a short period.

OTP meaning as one true pairing

OTP also stands for one true pairing and highlights a person’s favorite fictional romantic character. The concept was developed to signify the SHIP that is your favourite. For fans, it is meant to take precedence above all the other ships that others may have. There can be more OTP’s across various fandoms. The term has been floating on the internet in the early ’20s. The word OTP is often used to describe the relationship between a character and something they love. Moreover, OTP can be employed in different varients. The word “BroTP” indicates the brotherly relationship between two friends like you can say you are otping the Richard and Paul.

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