In the scorching heat of summers, when the HVAC equipment declines in functionality, you’ll have to rely on either attic or whole house fan for cooling. When the mercury rises, People who have attic tend to feel the hotness more than people who don’t have it. The attic fan is considered to be great for buildings with attic to beat the heat. However, one question may start to pop up into your head that what should be the best-buy: Attic fan or whole house fan? If you are mechanically inclined and want to know their functionality and which can be a better alternative for a home then keep reading.  

How to beat the heat in the Attic?

Do you feel attic as the oven sitting on top of your house? Then you must consider wrapping your head around some legitimate ways to figure out the problem. Proper ventilation goes a long way in cooling your place effectively. However more economical options like attic fan or whole house fan can also serve you much in this regard.

What is an attic fan?    

The attic fan is the most economical choice that is generally installed on the gable vent. The fan emits the hot air and can lower the attic temperature from 12-50 degrees. It is the best choice for homes with swamp coolers.


  • It cools the attic to 20%-40%.
  • Attic fans are economical and charge you less than the whole house fan.
  • Reduce swamp cooler or air conditioner load.


  • The attic fan increases the electrical cost.
  • It does not replace hot air with fresh outdoor air.

What is a whole house fan?


Unlike attic fan, whole house fan pushes hot air from the entire home and maintains the best temperature for home. It can be run as an alternate of air conditioner. Moreover, a whole house fan if works properly can reduce up to 80%  use of the cooling system and eventually cuts down the energy cost to 13%.

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  • It cools the entire home.
  • The right use of whole house fan can reduce the 50-90% less use of expensive alternatives.
  • It brings fresh air in and effectively removes the odour and steam.
  • It is fast and cools home in a maximum of three minutes.


  • Whole house fan can be costly.
  • It may consumer high volts of energy.

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