Attack on Titan is one of the distinguished Japanese Fantasy anime television series and it has been announced that the show is returning with attack on titan season 4 and those who want more from the show will be disappointed to know that this is the final season before shows wrap up – the story surrounds the adventure of Eren Yeager and his companion Armin Arlert, Mikasa Ackerman. Their Life changes for good when the Colossal Titan breaches the wall of their home town.

2020 season

The final episode of the third season aired on July 1, 2019. It was announced the final and the last season of the attack on titan season 4 is scheduled to hit the screen on fall 2020 on NHK general. The exact date has not been confirmed yet.


The plot of the attack on titan season 4 is not confirmed however people are curious to know how the last season will be wrapped up – what twists and turns will be incorporated into the story and how satisfying the ending will be of this wonderful anime. More characters shall be seen outside the Marli’s Enemy Land and the more intense fight between Eldians and the creature who’s been there for more than a hundred years. It is safe to assume the final season may also end the conflict between Eldians and Marley. The official storyline is yet to be released

Things to expect for an attack on titan season 4

It does not seem attack on titan has been on the show for that long – the show has captured the interest of a wider set of audience and will manage to those who have literally to no interest in anime and those who have no interest in anime will have no interest what the show will be all about. There was a huge delay from season one to season 2 but season three saw a huge turnaround. One thing that needs to be admired is that the show has managed to capture the interest and keep the audience glued to the screen every time it airs. Season 4 has officially been announced not so late after the 3rd season wrapped up. It is assumed that the creative team will pull every last stop possible to entertain fans.  In last season the old and new cast collide in such a way that it will stay on the memories of anime-enthusiasts for good.

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