What to Wear on a Motorcycle: A Simple Guide


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You’ve got your motorcycle running, you’re ready to head out on the highway—but first, what do you wear?

If you’re new to bikes and motorcycle culture, you might be wondering about what you should wear as a rider. Having the right motorcycle clothing is essential, as it will protect you in case of a crash.

To find out more, keep reading to learn what to wear on a motorcycle—for both safety and style!

Always Start With a Helmet

Sadly, over 5,000 motorcyclists are killed on the road each year. When riding a motorcycle, one of the best ways to protect yourself is with a helmet.

In case of an accident, it will protect your head and brain, which can be the difference between life and death. Always ride with a helmet on, even on short trips.

It should fit snugly, but not too tight, over your head—if you can fit more than four fingers between your face and the cheek pads, then it’s probably too big.

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Protective Leather Gear

A leather jacket and pants look cool on a bike, sure. But, the main reason why leather works so well is that it offers protection.

Leather motorcycle clothes offer more protection to your skin in case of an accident, as it’s tough, durable, and strong. While fabrics like cotton will rip easily, leather won’t.

Depending on the weather, you might want to wear thermal layers under your leathers, or just a t-shirt in the summer. A note on hot weather—no matter how warm it is, never ride in shorts or a tank top, as bare skin will be seriously damaged if it comes in contact with the road.

Looking for some inspiration? If so, check out this leather gear worn by the club members.


Riders always want to wear closed-toe shoes when riding, ideally boots. Boots have a solid grip, so your feet will stay in place while riding.

Look for boots that cover your ankles, as they’ll protect your ankles from accidental exhaust pipe burns.


Most motorcyclists wear gloves when riding, but this isn’t due to cold weather. Biking gloves have a grip to them, which makes riding safer—it’ll be easier to control your handlebars.

Gloves also protect your hands and skin in case of an accident. Finger bones and tendons in the hands are very delicate, so gloves prevent injury should anything happen.

Use This Guide to Learn What to Wear on a Motorcycle

Hopefully, you now understand what to wear on a motorcycle. Motorcycle gear can be fashionable, but more importantly, it’s about keeping you safe as a rider.

To get started, visit a specialty bike shop where an expert can help you find everything you need. That way, you can ride safely, protect yourself, and maximize your time on the bike!

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