Are you done binge-watching one of the highest-rated science fiction-horror web series Strange Things season 3?  You waited a year but consumed the whole season in one night or extended holiday weekend. If you are desperate to watch some great stuff that can fill out the 80’s action thrilled shaped hole in your heart. Then, fortunately, you would get it here!

Be it a supernatural series or classic movies to the top culture, here is the list of movies and TV shows you should consider watching next.

The premise of strange things season 3

In 1985 the newly opened shop has become the central point of the town and has driven all shops out of the business. Jim Hopper is conflicted over eleven and Mike’s budding relationship and Joyce considers moving out of Hawkins for a better perspective. The strange power fluctuations ignite Will’s consciousness of something otherworldly. Eleven and Max can feel something off among town’s residents and can sense the danger from it.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This classic series ran exactly like strange things. You should watch it on the bucket list of movies you should watch. It is indeed one of the best teen supernatural teem dramas that ever exist.

Back to the future

Consider back to the future through Joey Kerry’s perspective. It will altogether change your perspective about the 80’s movie you have ever watched on screen.

The Terminator Franchise

Terminator franchise is created by Gale Ann Hurd and James Cameron. Their franchise comprises science fiction action films, additional media and battles between the Reistance forces of John Conner and Skynet synthetic intelligence with the rest of the human race.


Have you done watching strange things season 3 and wishing for a series full of battles against horror creatures then supernatural is the perfect pick for you? You can devour 300 episodes – meaning there is a huge content to consume and I can’t help mentioning the super hot Jenson Ackles whose heroic personality made me watch the entire seasons of the show.


Looking for a vintage Ryder than heathers can be a perfect choice for you.

If you are not satisfied from the above show then read on our exclusive article written on strange things season 4

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