At the time of writing, the contagious Coronavirus COVID-19 has spread to over 150 countries of the world and it is due to this reason Warner Bros’ decision may end up as a grave mistake. It was with the trailer of Wonder Woman 1984 aka Wonder Woman 2 hit the world screens, fans around the world started asking for a premiere date.

At the time of planning a date to get maximum coverage and attention for the global audience, it was decided to release Wonder Woman 2 in June 2020. Now, as the contagious disease has become a major threat, the question lies about the fate of the movie.

Here are the latest updates about the cast, release date, and plot of Wonder Woman 2

Wonder Women 2 Direct Sequel?

In an interview with Vulture, Charles Roven – the movie’s producer – stated that it [Wonder Woman 1984] would not be a direct sequel of the first installment. He further added that the director Petty Jenkins delivered, “ [She was] determined that this movie should be the next iteration of Wonder Woman but not a sequel.”

To make things clear further added by the creator, “It’s a standalone film in the same way that Indiana Jones or Bond films are, instead of one continuous story that requires many installments.”

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Anything new about the cast?

As it is visible by the trailer that Gal Gadot returns for the titular role, Jenkins – the director – tweeted, “So excited to confirm the most thrilling news. Yes! It’s true…….[I] Can’t wait to finally work with one of my favorites. And SO excited by what we have planned.”

Among other prominent roles, Wonder Woman 2 has a special role which will be played by Pedro Pascal. With Pedro’s confirmation, fans seemed busy guessing what role will he portray. It was later confirmed by the release of the trailer that he is given the role of Maxwell Lord, an influential character in the Justice League’s formation.

Wonder Woman 2: Plot

As it has been confirmed by the producer and the director that this installment will not be a sequel, various guesses have been made about its plot.

Pedro Pascal revealed some details about his character that may suggest something about the plot. Pedro Pascal revealed some details about his character that may suggest something about the plot. He said that the particular character is all about ‘Get whatever want, however you can’. He further made it clear by adding, “you’re entitled to it!”

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