WOW! Internet Latest Plans & Prices

WOW! Internet brings to the table gigabit speeds i.e. 1,000 Mbps for one of the most market competitive prices that we have seen in a long time. The internet service provider uses coaxial cable technology to spice up its customer’s life and constantly has plans to upgrade its services and WOW! Internet plans for both its new and old customers. Read on.


WOW! Internet Plans and Prices

WOW! Internet Plan The price per Month is $ Maximum Download Speed on Offer Data Cap
WOW! Internet 100 $39.99 100 Mbps No Data Caps
WOW! Internet 1000 $74.99 1000 Mbps No Data Caps
WOW! Internet 200 $44.99 200 Mbps No Data Caps
WOW! Internet 500 $54.99 500 Mbps No Data Caps



The Pros and Cons of Having WOW! Internet

The Pros

  • No Contract Internet Plans

As always, this feature of any internet service provider is the winning point for us that sway us in their favor.

  • Options to Rent Eero Mesh Wi-Fi System

The internet service provider assists its customers in any manner that they seem would be required by the customers or consumers.

  • Unlimited Data

Another feature of an internet service provider excites us and increases our inclination towards an internet service provider. Having the option of downloading as much data as you could want is relief on its own. Plus, you do not have to worry about overhead charges.

The Cons

  • Very Limited in Terms of Network Area Coverage

Most of the company’s services revolve around the areas of the South and Midwest only.

  • The Plans That Do Not Have a Contract Cost More

Well, not everything could be perfect and we get it but this still does not excite us in the same way that having no contracts with the same lower prices would have and that goes without saying anything more.

WOW! Internet Plans and Prices That Do Not Have Contracts

WOW! Internet Plan The price per Month is $ Maximum Download Speed on Offer Data Cap
WOW! Internet 100 $59.99 100 Mbps No Data Caps
WOW! Internet 1000 $99.99 1000 Mbps No Data Caps
WOW! Internet 200 $69.99 200 Mbps No Data Caps
WOW! Internet 500 $79.99 500 Mbps No Data Caps



Where Is WOW! Internet Available

The very first step that any potential buyer of an internet service connection needs to ensure is that the internet service provider that they are thinking about hiring or employing is available in their areas i.e. the area where they want the internet connection to be established. Below we have a compiled list of where WOW! Internet is available across the United States.

  • Alabama: Valley, Auburn, Montgomery, Dothan, and Huntsville
  • Tennessee: Knoxville
  • Florida: Pinellas and Panama City
  • South Carolina: Charleston
  • Georgia: Fort Gordon, Augusta, and Columbus
  • Ohio: Columbus and Cleveland
  • Illinois: Chicagoland and Chicago
  • Michigan: Mid- Michigan, and Detroit
  • Indiana: Evansville



Service Fees from WOW! Internet

Name one internet service provider that does not have their nails dug deep into the phenomena that are charging service fees to their customers relentlessly. You simply cannot. The thing about all service providing companies like WOW! Internet is that they are highly dependent upon service charges to make profits and we can’t blame them.

WOW! Internet can sometimes throw a curveball to all of its critiques by wavering off the installation fee for its services by the total amount of it. So if you are in the market for some excellent opportunities to save some hard-earned money, then by all means go ahead and get this as soon as possible.

Installation Fee from WOW! Internet

It would cost the customer or consumer around $75.00 as a one-time investment, however, you could reduce that value drastically if you get a hold of the self-installation kit and do it all yourself.

Early Termination Fee from WOW! Internet

The total for the termination fee is $345.00. Does seem like a lot but in reality, you can let go of $15.00 from that big chunk of value for every month that you keep the service. That equates to almost 2 years of using the service to not have to face any termination fee.

Customer Service of WOW! Internet

Since before it was the latest trend in the internet service provider market, we coined the importance of customer service. The reality is that the people or residents of the United States have come to terms with the exact importance that they hold. Once which was just a simple phrase “the customer is always right” has significantly changed and evolved itself into somewhat of a nightmare for the service provider industry.

Customers now have a lot of pull over their preferred companies. One bad review and sales could be significantly affected.

We have seen some pretty mixed viewpoints on the internet service provider, WOW! Internet. However, it is quite safe to say that almost all internet service providers, regardless of their level of dedication, would leave the customer or consumer demanding more. Hence, when it comes down to internet service providers, we like to give them a little more room for error.