Writing prompts to Get You Started When Bored

Writing is a lot of fun until you get writer’s block. Every notebook writer enjoys opening a new notebook. But, it is a bit annoying when nothing comes to mind when you want to write. The worst is when you get bored, and the brain gets blocked. Choosing creative writing subjects is not easy. Here are some fascinating prompts made by best essay services review to help you overcome writer’s block when you get bored.

  • Fancy Dishes

Write about a fancy dish you would like to try out, why you love it, and what you expect to taste. 

  • Dream Vacation

Write about a vacation you have always dreamt of, the specific activities or places you plan to visit if ever the trip happens.

  • A Best Friend

Write about a best friend. Write around what makes them unique and why you would not want to lose them. 

  • Your Days

Write about your different days. Lazy days, perfect days, or even your best days and what you could change about them.

  • Work

If you are working, write about your work, what you love or hate about it, and your colleagues.

  • Devices

Write about how you relate to your electronic devices. How you use them and how they help you.

  • Role Models

Write about a person or people you look up to, what you like about them and why they inspire you. 

  • Favorite Qualities

Write about your unique and best qualities. If you are a generous person, patient, listener, or helper, write about it.

  • Self-Love

Write about what you think about self-love and why you feel it is crucial in one’s life.

  • Lost Connections

Sometimes, we lose connections with close people. Write about those lost connections, what happened and if you wish to reconnect with them. Also, how you think the reconnection will turn out. 

  • Review a Movie

Write about a movie you have watched recently. Write about the storyline, what you liked or disliked about the Movie, and if you would recommend others to watch it.

  • Look through the Window

Look through your window and put it in words. What you see, what the weather looks like, and anything that catches your eye.

  • Comfort Food

If you have a, write about it. What kind of food it is, how frequently you have the food and why.

  • My Travel Companion

If you love traveling and have a companion, write about them and why they make your trips exciting. If you do not have one, write about the importance of a travel companion. Also, write about the qualities of a perfect travel companion.

  • Love Letter

Write a love letter to someone you have a crush on, explain how you feel, and pour out your heart in writing.

  • Your Pet

If you have pets, write about them. Write about what makes them unique and why you feel they are the perfect animals to keep as pets. You can also write about their behavior. You can write about any pet, irrespective of whether it is ordinary or not.


Having writer’s block is common among writers. The prompts above will help you overcome the block. They will even help you explore your skills in the writing field even more.