Boost Engagement on Instagram with These Tips!

What Is Defined As Engagement On Instagram?

Engagement goes beyond expanding your reach, increasing the number of followers, and boosting view count. It’s more about measuring daily interactions with your audience through the content you post. Some metrics are:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Saves
  • Number of followers
  • DMs
  • Tagged mentions
  • Branded hashtags

These metrics explain how people are actually interested in your content and what you share. The more you engage, the more impact you have on your audience and this holds true for all types of businesses. When it comes to Instagram, the higher your engagement, the more number of people your content reaches. 

Understanding how the Instagram algorithm works is crucial to run successful marketing campaigns on the platform. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. This brief yet insightful guide will help you understand how to boost engagement on Instagram in the easiest ways possible. Let’s get started!

  • Understand Your Audience

Knowing your audience is a basic rule in marketing 101! If you don’t know your target audience, you don’t know who to create content for, and therefore lose the purpose of your marketing efforts halfway through. It’s difficult to make content without any direction to follow. 

Knowing the demographics such as gender, age, behavior, values, beliefs, and more of your target audience helps your business with the type of content you create, the tone you should set, the day and time to publish, and more importantly, lead conversion.

Some of the most effective ways to find your target audience are through social listening, compiling data, and keeping a check on your competition. 

  • Be Active On Stories

Instagram stories is a great way to interact with your followers on a daily basis. Posting stories on Instagram goes beyond reaching a wider audience. While the reach of Instagram stories is quite incredible, you cannot underestimate the power of stickers, polls, countdowns, and questions you can add to your stories to start conversations and engage directly with your followers. 

As a business, you want to make sure you cash out on every opportunity possible, and using Instagram stories to catch the attention of prospective buyers is an effective way of driving sales and boosting engagement on Instagram at the same time. Users show more interest in a product or brand upon viewing it in Stories. Stay active on Instagram stories on the go by investing in a reliable yet cheap fiber internet service. You don’t want to miss out on all the fun because of internet unavailability. 

You can use Instagram stories to promote your website content, your Instagram posts, and your products and also enjoy going live, conducting fun polls, sharing reviews, and more. The opportunities are fruitful with stories on Instagram. 

  • Be Relatable

If your audience can’t connect with the type of content you post, your efforts might as well go down the drain. Be relatable, honest, and authentic with your content. Share real stories and real experiences of real people behind your brand to connect with the audience on a natural level. 

You can do so by using Instagram stories to share what happens behind the scenes or funny stories and unexpected mistakes. By being real with your audience and sharing your authentic side with them, you’re gaining their trust and interest at the same time. They’re more likely to pay attention to what you share once they relate to you. 

  • Focus on Image Quality

This is an important tip for small and big businesses alike.  You don’t need to be a qualified image editor or photographer to stand out from the crowd on Instagram; all you need is a bit of creativity and some tools to transform your images into designer material!

Add filters and text to edit your images. Use graphical elements like lines, boxes, or art to make the image more attractive and unique. The quality of any visual content you share with your audience should never be compromised. 

  • Upload Video Content

Videos are fun, attractive, and interactive. In fact, they’re more engaging than images. You don’t need to have a certificate in video editing to create authentic and unique videos. There are multiple apps and software on the market designed to help turn your simple videos into short films. Begin with an idea and put it into action! 

  • Use Catchy Captions

Instagram captions allow you to post up to 30 hashtags, so it’s your job to use them well! Good and catchy captions capture the user’s attention instantly. Use the blank space under your posts to tell a story about your brand or to share your brand’s identity. 

Ask your followers to share as well and engage with them in the comments. It’s a foolproof way of establishing good communication as a brand in today’s digitized times. 

  • Upload Carousels

Once you’ve understood the importance of good quality images and catchy captions, begin uploading a few images with carousels. Carousels refer to the Instagram post with multiple images. Since you have the chance to share more images with a carousel post, you also get the opportunity to engage with your followers more. You have more than one chance to make an impression with Instagram carousels. Use them well!

  • Go Live

Live streaming on Instagram is an excellent way of boosting engagement and connecting directly with your followers. People would rather listen to what you have to share on your live stream than read the blog post you shared. Visual content saves them a lot of time, so as a business you’re expected to do your best to share news, answer questions in real-time and welcome your viewers wholeheartedly in your live streams. 

If you’re running an ecommerce store, we’ve got news for you! Instagram is out with another exciting feature that allows you to sell your products on live stream!

  • Optimize Content

Content is king. It’s the foundation of every marketing campaign. Since Instagram is a visual medium, posting product images every other day can seem to get boring and similar after some time. Switch it up by sharing BTS footage, holding contests and quizzes, or celebrating mini milestones such as hitting 50,000 followers, etc. 

To Wrap It Up

Establishing a social presence in today’s time surely seems daunting but worry not! These handy tips will help transform your marketing game on Instagram!

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