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Dan Bilzerian is an internet personality primarily known for his successful gambling career and luxurious lifestyle. His wealth reflects a man who is passionate and can succeed in what he does as a career. He is also known as the Instagram king. He kick-started his career in a world series of poker main events as a poker player. Dan Bilzerian net worth in 2020 is roughly estimated to be $210 million. He got immense attention when Buff Magazine declared him the funniest poker player ever. Read on to know the personal life and career highlight of Bilzerian.

Dan Bilzerian Personal life

Dan is a party boy and he is often seen sharing his photos with girls. He is not married nor has any child. His initial attempts in gambling failed that prompted disappointment and made him sell his guns. He also loves racing and is now seen in many movies as well including fallen, the other woman, the equalizer, war dogs, extraction, and more. Dan before the age of 32, had three major heart attacks due to the lifestyle he is living especially high drug usage.

How did Dan Bazillionaire make his money?

There is an unending debate over Dan Bilzerian net worth. Simply put, Bilzerian net worth sources are not poker. He and his brother who claimed to earn millions out of this profession are average players. The reality is Dan Bilzerian wealth came from his father.

Bilzerian has confessed that he has received the money from his father in a trust but how much money he took to kickstart his business is not revealed, he, however, has said that he earns millions by playing poker.

Dan Bilzerian house worth when he was a child was in millions as He grew up in Tampa, Florida, in an eleven-bedroom mansion that was half the size of Buckingham Palace, with its indoor basketball court, batting cage, lake-front views, swimming pool, water slide, and an “imported volcanic rock mountain”
Dan Bilzerian parent’s net worth is the real reason behind his lavish life. Paul Alec Bilzerian is his father who was convicted of making complete disclosures on Schedule 13(d) filings about takeover attempts of Cluett, Peabody, and Company and Hammermill Paper Company in the 1980s. Dan Bilzerian dad net worth was over $40 million when he was just 36.

How much is Dan Bilzerian net worth?

Dan Bilzerian net worth is estimated to be $210 million. His wealth is the result of his poker winning games. His Instagram handle has over 20 million followers and the Facebook fan base is also over 15 million that help him to earn a great chunk of money from endorsement deals. He also participated in movies that added significantly to his overall net worth. We anticipate his wealth will keep escalating in times to come.

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What is Dan Bilzerian’s net worth in 2020?

Dan Bilzerian worth more than million before 2013, however, the net worth of Dan Bilzerian started to escalate within years and Dan Bilzerian net worth 2019 was around $190 million that eventually became $210 million.

Dan who received a huge amount of notoriety recently due to his Instagram uploads and his playboy image that could make Hugh Hefner envious. It is his lifestyle that resulted in three heart attacks before the age of 32.

Dan has been living for the past few decades in Hollywood Hills, Bel Air, and Las Vegas. In 2014, Dan Bilzerian bought a house for $4.1 million that he later sold for $5.1 million and bought another home valuing $10 million. But now Dan rented $50,000 per month in a house which feels like a night club having a two-lane bowling alley, sports room, movie theatre, a wine cellar, and five bars.

Dan Bilzerian net worth life earnings

He first popped on the radar with earning $50 million that gradually grew and in 2020 has become $210 million.

  • Dan Bilzerian net worth 2013 – $50 million
  • Dan Bilzerian net worth 2014 – $100 million
  • Dan Bilzerian net worth 2015 – $120 million
  • Dan Bilzerian net worth 2016 – $150 million
  • Dan Bilzerian net worth 2017 – $170 million
  • Dan Bilzerian net worth 2018 – $180 million
  • Dan Bilzerian net worth 2020 – $210 million

Dan Bilzerian Quick Wiki

You may know Who is Dan Bilzerian or recognise him as a gambler or Instagrammer but do you know, how old is dan bilzerian, how tall is dan bilzerian, why is dan bilzerian famous for, what does dan bilzerian do to what is his profession, read it all on this quick wiki.

Full Name Daniel Brandon Bilzerian
Place of Birth Tampa, Florida, United Stat
Date of Birth December 1980
Gender Male
Age 39
Height 1.74m
Weight 88kg
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Profession poker player, actor, and racer
Famous for Instagram King, Poker Player, Sybarite
Sexual orientation Straight
Marital Status Unmarried
Children N/A
Net Worth of Dan Bilzerian $210 million.

“In poker, it’s tough, it is tough to manage your money. Because you don’t know. You can go out and play great and still lose. You can get your money in with the best hand and still get unlucky.” – Dan Bilzerian

Eight Crazy facts About Dan Bilzerian

1. Apart from poker, he has found two other career choices, acting, and stuntman. Bilzerian worked as the stunt double for Gerard Butler on Olympus Has Fallen and acted in movies like Equalizer and other women.

2. He has been involved with poker fraud; it was evident that he was involved in the Ponzi scheme set up by Bradley Ruderman in 2009.

3. King of Instagram or Dan Bilzerian wife may not come in years to come as he is a playboy and it is highly unlikely that he could stay with a one-woman,

4. Dan is a cat lover, though he owns several pets but only gets the opportunity to travel with him.

5. He was arrested in school years for carrying a machine gun on his car on school property.

6. His father was a takeover specialist until he was arrested and convicted for fraud in the mid 80’s. .

7. He had 3 heart attacks, Dan Bilzerian age at the time he had his first heart attack was 32. The result is obvious, heavy partying, snowboarding, crazy sex, sleep deprivation, excessive consumption of viagra, and cocaine was the result of his first heart attack.

8. Like the Kardashians, Bilzerians also have an Armenian descent.

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The gambler, stunt performer, professional poker player who welcomes his friends over weekends into his new $100 million Bel Air mansion. The extreme scandalous man, Dan Bilzerian real net worth is the question that remains on the head of people who follow him on Instagram. Dan Bilzerian Company, ignite initially founded to be a catalyst to change in the Cannabis industry and to gain prominence at premium global cannabis brand. His involvement with the brand has been much deeper and the company is more likely to add a huge chunk of money to his overall wealth.

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