Eresults – A revolutionary Approach in Healthcare Lab

When you get online results via smartphone, desktop or tablet is termed as eResults. It has become critical of receiving laboratory results as soon as they are ready for the healthcare provider and corporate client. With the advancement of technology in medical equipment and processes, scientists ensure that the healthcare department flourishes and provide humanity with better physical and mental health.

The method of obtaining medical has transformed. It is not the same; it was some years back. You don’t have to go to the hospital to receive the result, meaning patients and healthcare providers don’t have to wait long to receive reports. eResults is an innovative solution that offers timely access to results electronically at the blink of an eye – reduces trips to the fax machine.

Get your results anywhere in the world

Eresult platform demands registration to offer the best services to their customers. Although the registration facility is merely for healthcare specialists and executive-level clients, services are attainable for professional use only!

A typical patient can also access the result immediately when it is ready! If you are a regular patient and want to have instant access, create an account at Dynacare plus, and you are good to go. Getting started with it is super convenient. You can also find helpful material and instructions on the website to understand the process better. It allows having a better insight into the overall system and getting to know about new offers. The service focuses on delivering unparalleled services from the Dynacare system. The systematic advancement ensures the data is obtained directly with speed via a web browser. The purpose of the entire system is to get rid of glitches that might hinder the effectiveness of results.

The best way so far to obtain your reports online

Eresults offer a plethora of benefits. However, some of them are appreciated most by the users.

Quick Services

The most apparent advantage is super quickness! It is ten times more accurate and faster than the physical examination and results.

User-friendly Services

The overall system is super convenient and easy to use! A stable internet connection is needed to access everything. When you have a mobile or laptop, no matter what part of the world you are in, you will have everything in one place. Most of the services are free; however, there are more perks in premium services.

The effortless integration

The smooth integration is worth appreciation. Anyone can conveniently connect ERM with the eResults profiles. The best part that remains satisfying throughout is, everything works super quick, and you don’t have to hours for this.

Inclusion of customer’s choice

The inclusion of customer choice is also an interesting factor that makes it more customer-centric. It is up to the user how he uses the overall connectivity solution. ACORD to HL7 offers a diverse range of solutions for everyone to consider.

Batch service

The batch service has a direct link with the finalized results. The results then are accessible on the entire internet to be loaded into any database. The connection of an Electronic Medical Record done with convenience and the outcome is worth appreciation. It is advisable to have everyone an EMR solution as it provides standard Dynacare services and is often recommended beforehand. If you need assistance in any matter, don’t hesitate to contact the help desk. With the support team, you get all your queries answered on time.

Benefits of eResults

  • Better and improved quality of medical reports through instant access to results.
  • Powerful, cloud-based healthcare integration provides the result for printing or saving as PDF.
  • More than one test result can be shown through one report.
  • Receiving and communicating results become efficient.
  • There is no need for hardware results, and you allow notification by icon alert in the navigation bar or snapshot when results are ready.
  • A better way for authorized staff to open results; you can generate reports and figure out trends by choosing specific results to view in the graph.
  • Offers interface in preparation of a wide array of future connections.

What system requirements are needed for the Eresults

There are some perquisites that you should know. Eresult is a heavy software to use, and you should have system requirements in check for the installation. The minimum requirements needed are highlighted below!

It would help if you have a computer running Windows –  no other OS supports this software better. Windows operating system works best for it.

Have the entire browser requirement in check before initiating the installation process.

The PDF file of this system needs the latest PDF readers to open the file. Names like adobe, FOXIT and modern PDF viewers should be there to assist in reviewing and previewing and for a stranded task like printing.


The inclusion of technology into the overall health care system is critical these days. Since healthcare providers can track laboratory tests with diligence, there must be a virtual system of effortlessly transforming the results for the physicians and patients – eResults do it superbly.

Advance tech and system mean you don’t have to be in the system all day to make anything meaningful happen. With eResults everything happens remotely, meaning no more difficulty in receiving the medical reports for the healthcare provider as well as a corporate client. The best part is it is free to use! All it takes is a stable internet connection, and you can access all reports.

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