Guide to planning a kids Halloween party

Halloween is an exciting occasion for everyone. Both adults and children love Halloween. Its plethora of activities, from the perfect costume to carving pumpkins, keeps children engaged.

A kids’ Halloween party is a great way to have a fun and joyous night. The event is forthcoming and we are sure your kids and their friends already have their spooky on! This year, host a party that is sure to be spooktacular!

To help you with that, here are some suggestions to host a fabulous Halloween party for your kids and their friends. You will be gripped with all these ideas for themes, games, decor, and a lot more, as the Halloween spirit takes over you.

Decide on duration

Before you do anything else, there is one significant party tip we can give you. It is to plan how long the party is supposed to go beforehand. If your kids are young, an hour or two will be enough to drain them of their energies. If they’re older, they might even lengthen it into a sleepover with some persuasion. Ensure that the pick-up time is mentioned on the invite, whatever the case. This way both you and the other kids’ parents remain hassle-free.

Theme it out

There are lots of Halloween themes you can select from. You can turn your home into a haunted house. Or use orange and black decor to emphasize the Halloween spirit. In addition to these standard themes, you can also try something new. A ghostly bewitched forest or a monster-themed party is a great idea. A circus theme can be a brilliant way to make all the children chip in. They can be the numerous characters in the circus. A costume contest will be the highlight of such a party.

Decorate your place

Decorate the party on your own to lend a personal touch to it, as well as make it a fun activity for the kids. Crafting and drawing goodies or buntings is a good way to start. If you’re short of time, ready-made options are always there.

A few options for unique decoration can be making centerpieces using a jack-o’-lantern. This will definitely impress all your young guests. Or make crochet spiders hang around the house instead of the plastic ones you can get in the shops. Take the Halloween energy out in your yard and driveway too. Take old jam jars, or buy new glass jars, and fill them up with tissue paper and fairy lights to make the place more festive and welcoming. Don’t make your decor too frightening as some of your youngest guests might not like it.

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Have fun with the invites

Show parents you are hosting a kid-friendly Halloween party beginning with the invitations. Your invitations will set the tone for your party theme. Thus, make sure to get them right!

Make sure to set the tone right from the beginning by using festive colors like orange and green and including the themes. You can also include matching treats or trinkets to go along with the invitations. Your invitations should make people eager for the party. You can also get creative and design your party invitations on your computer. Use Halloween flyer templates from PosterMyWall to create Halloween kids’ party invitations, and catch the attention of even the busiest family and friends. Just add the details like the address or the time and get your invites ready in no time.

Halloween costumes

A Halloween party is incomplete without cool costumes. Therefore, if you know how to stitch, make fun costumes yourself for your little ones. Otherwise, choose from ready-made budget-friendly options. Make sure it is mentioned on the invites that everyone needs to come in costume, which is kid-friendly too. Nothing too spooky! Have hand-painted masks to give out to children. Also, you can arrange face painting of different Halloween-themed designs for the kids.

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Keep snacks simple

Serve snacks relevant to the theme at the party. Cheese sandwiches and tangy orange juice is a good go-to options. For older children, snacks served can have a devilish touch to them by spreading fake blood (ketchup) on food. Fudge and candy corn bark in Halloween shapes are also good options. Halloween is almost synonymous with candies and sweets, so make sure your dessert options are solid. To prevent children from going home on a sugar high, you can include healthy options in the mix too, like apples with honey.

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Play some games

Nobody will get bored during the party if lots of games are planned. A dance contest, in groups and individually, should be on the top of your list. A mummy contest will keep children entertained, where you provide children with toilet paper rolls to wrap one of their team members in, and the first one to run out of the roll wins! A sit-down crafting project is always a good idea because art time never runs out of style. You can also make them play Halloween charades, which will keep them in fits of laughter as they play pretend. You can include games that correspond with your theme.

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Get some cutesy gift bags

An extraordinary idea to make the children remember your party is gift bags to take home. All you need is to get handsy, use felt, paper, ribbon, and voila! Your bags will be ready. In addition, put candies and small, cute notes in it. Moreover, if you have a bigger budget, you can even put small toys in it, or art supplies like colored pencils. Besides, you don’t even need to get much fancy. All you need is to get creative and add a little extra spark to your kids’ Halloween party. It may be that some children keep your interesting Halloween notes as a keepsake for the future!

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Snap happy

Taking lots of pictures is key to making the party super memorable. Highlight the kids’ costumes by making them pose for separate pictures. Obviously, candid photos are important but also take group pictures to remember the day. Get a friend to help you with it as you already might have a lot to do. Or keep a phone handy to take pictures yourself. Furthermore, create a cute, festive photo booth in a corner to add to the fun. After the party, upload the photos digitally on social media or send them via email to the kids’ parents. You can also make a slideshow for everyone to view!

Have a memorable kids’ Halloween party

It is of course the people and the environment that makes a party successful. Everything you do will just bring a little more fun and joy to the kids. Plan your kids’ Halloween party with the above-mentioned ideas and make that night memorable for everyone!

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