How to Put an iPhone in Recovery Mode?

Everyone experiences the need to put their iPhone in recovery mode. We do this for various reasons, such as to avoid facing different software or operation issues. 

You may experience critical issues such as software glitches or being stuck in a boot loop. Here, recovery mode can help you to get your iPhone back to normal functions. However, it always remains, how to put an iPhone in Recovery Mode?

You have many ways to do that. The article below will delve into recovery mode and various methods to put your iPhone into it. Let’s read and enhance your knowledge and skills.

What is recovery Mode?

Before teaching you how to put your iPhone in Recovery mode, we will explain what recovery mode is. It is a safe state on iPhones. It is designed to troubleshoot and then fix the various software-related problems on your iPhone. 

It allows iPhone users to restore their device to factory settings or update software, bypassing normal operational modes. You save time by skipping lengthy processes and find efficient solutions that work.

How to Put Your iPhone in Recovery Mode [ Easy Guide]

Now, you know the benefits or purposes of recovery mode. If you want to put your iPhone in recovery mode, we are providing you with 3 easy methods that you can follow for a successful run of recovery mode on your iPhone.

However, before applying any of our provided methods we recommend you to follow the prior steps given below.

Step 1- First of all, you have to attach your device to PC or laptop.

Step 2- Then open iTunes or Finder ( For macOS Catalina and later).

Step 3- Now force restart your iPhone. Press and hold the power and Volume down button

Step 4- Keep these buttons hold until you see the message of recovery mode screen on your iPhone

Well, this was a short glance; now we will teach you in detail.

Method 1- Put your iPhone in Recovery Mode using iTunes

Step 1- First, launch iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone.

Step 2- Once you have launched the iTunes, force restart your iPhone according to its model.

Step 3- After that, wait a few moments, and when prompted with a message in iTunes, choose the “Restore” option. It will start the recovery process.

Step 4- Once you have done this, wait and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the restoration. However, do not skip any of the steps and keep following the instructions. 

Method 2: Put iPhone in Recovery Mode Using Finder (macOS Catalina and later)

Step 1- Before startng the provess , we recommend you to connect your iPhone to your Mac and open Finder.

Step 2- Force restart your iPhone based on its model.

Step 3- Now, release the buttons when you see the recovery mode screen in Finder.

Step 4- Once doen, next click on the “Restore” option to initiate the recovery process.

Step 5- After that, only follow the prompts to complete the restoration.

Method 3: Put iPhone in Recovery Mode Using Third-Party Tools

Step 1- Download and install reputable third-party software like ReiBoot on your computer. You have many options to choose from, however, we will recommend you to try the most trusted one. To find a trusted software, you can take recommendations or get independent reviews. 

Step 2- Once you find a third party app, launch the software in your computer and connect your iPhone.

Step 3- After that, select the “Enter Recovery Mode” option.

Step 4- Wait for the process to complete, and your iPhone will enter recovery mode.

Enter Recovery Mode with One Click[ Fast Recovery Mode]

Are you looking for an easy and fast way to start the recovery mode on your iPhone? We are going to provide you with a one-click solution. For users seeking a hassle-free solution, third-party tools like ReiBoot provide a convenient one-click method to enter recovery mode swiftly and efficiently.

May I lose data when I put my iPhone on Recovery Mode?

No, there is usually no issue with the data on your iPhone. If you follow the correct step-by-step instructions, you will never lose the data. However, there is a risk if you use a third-party app. Some untrusted free apps may have these issues.

To prevent such issues we recommend you to only  use an app that is trusted. Otherwise, follow the recovery functions of the iPhone and put your iPhone in recovery mode. 

When can I use Recovery Mode to Fix Various Issues on my iPhone?

You can take assistance from recovery mode to solve various issues on your device. However, below are some situations when you should prefer recovery mode to get quick fixes.

  • You can use recovery mode when a device does not recognise your iPhone or says it is in recovery mode.
  • Recovery mode may also be an easy solution when you see your iPhone screen is stuck for a long time. You see the screen is stuck with the Apple logo for several minutes. 
  • It may also help when you see software glitches. Like your touch screen not working properly, your iPhone is too slow or other issues.
  • You can also run the recovery mode when you see a message connect your device to a computer screen.

Can I use Free Apps to put my iPhone in Recovery Mode?

Usually, there is no issue, if you have some trusted app. However, to prevent this issue we recommend you to get the paid versions to prevent data loss or other security issues.

Final Words

You can solve many problems with your iPhone software glitches through recovery mode. Running recovery mode on your iPhone is not a complex job; you only need to follow the correct instructions. We have also provided you various methods to put your iPhone in recovery mode. Follow any of the reliable methods that seem easy once you run a recovery mode, use your iPhone as a normal routine.

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