Lil Nas X net worth, Biography, and Career Achievements

The guide will run you through about Lil Nas X net worth, his personal life, biography, fun facts, and more.  Ever since he released his first country rap ‘Old Town Road’ the Georgia native became nothing to a superstar in one year flat. His popularity and fame continued to elevate at an unprecedented pace when his song became the longest-running #1 song in the chart’s history. 

Who is Lil Nas X?

Montero Lamar Hill aka Lil Nas X is a famous American rapper, singer, and songwriter who got prominence after his first single hit,  Old Town Road which was also the longest-running song on the billboard history.  He has a short industry presence but managed to attract a wide set of audience. The song’s popularity continued to rise even after it’s removal from the number one spot. Several subsequent remixes were also made of his song. 

Early Life of Montero Lamar Hill

He was born on April 9, 1999, in Lithia Springs, Georgia, United States. He was very young when his parents separated. He initially moved with his mother and grandmother but later went to his father. He confessed that the decision of settling in with his father helped him a lot to stay focused. In his teen years, he began creating funny videos and memes but later found out his true passion for music. He went to Lithia Springs High School for early education and to further his education he went to the University of West Georgia. He could not manage to complete his degree and dropped out to pursue his career in rapping. 

Career Highlights 

Lil Nas x has not much industry presence yet managed to entertain the audience in a comparatively shorter period. He first joined Facebook and then other social media platforms. He has millions of subscribers on youtube and in social media networks including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

On December 3, 2018, he released the record-breaking song that turned out to be a game-changer for this young rapper and let him ride a journey from an unknown teenager to a megastar who worths millions of dollars today. He has accomplished a lot in two years and it is not-so-distant future when he will emerge as the richest rapper. 

The list of his other songs 

  • Old Town Road remix (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus)
    • Carry On
    • BANZUP’
    • Thanos (Blow It)
    • Donald Trump
    • Titanic
    • Rookie
    • No Love (feat. Skaiwater)
    • Sonic Sh!t
    • Grab That!
    • Nasarati (Prod. Robb 2b x RayAyy)
    • KIM JONG
    • In The Bank
    • In They Feelings

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Lil Nas X net worth in 2020 

Lil NAs X net worth is the result of his struggle, devotion, and sincerity towards his career as a rapper. He is a self-made young rapper and worths millions. As of 2020, he has managed to build a fortune of $5 million. Since he is young, energetic and it is highly likely that his net worth will grow to many folds in years to come. Within a couple of months of the release of his first-ever song, he broke the records of drake. The exponential growth of the net worth of lil Nas x is due to his exceptional rapping talent. If he continues to go at the same pace, the time is near he may emerge as the wealthiest young musician. 

Lil Nas X net worth

The star has a short presence yet he became the fastest recipient of many accolades including:

  • Two annual grammy awards
  • The American Music award
  • Country music association award

Fun Facts 

  1. Lil Nas x is more attracted to men than women. In 2019, he came out as gay. 
  2. He was raised by his mother and grandmother as his parents got divorced when he was just six years old. 
  3. He used to be a social media manager and ran the social media accounts for various famous artists. 
  4. He is one of a few rappers who have not got tattooed yet. 
  5. His lean body and pierced ears make him more stylish. 
  6. His song old town road peaked number on the US billboard top 100 for nineteen weeks which is the longest duration ever in history. 

Lil Nas X Height Age Weight and Wiki Biography

This American singer and songwriter gaining prominence after his country tap that went viral on Tiktok If you are interested in knowing more about this young rapper like Lil Nas X age, Lil Nas X-height then acquaints yourself with his quick biography and interesting facts about this feisty star. 

Name Montero Lamar Hill
Celebrated name Lil Nas X
Date of birth  April 9, 1999
Place of birth Lithia Springs, Georgia, United States
Age 21
Gender Male 
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Zodiac Sign Aries
Parents  Robert Stafford and Tamika Hill
Siblings Lamarca Hill and Tramon Hil. Lil Nas X has half-siblings: Robert Sleepy, Jamal Newsome, Labrock Anderson, Bianca Hill, and Shaquish Hill
Education  Undergraduate
Spouse Unmarried
Children  N/A
Net worth $5 
Last updated  31-08-2020

Lil Nas X body measurements and sexual orientation 

Body type Athletic 
Height 6 feet 2 inches 
Weight 78kg
Hair color Black
Eye color Black 
Shoe size  10 UK
Sexual orientation Bisexual 

Lil Nas X Social media Accounts

Social Media Accounts  
Instagram lilnasx
Facebook lilnasx
Twitter lilnasx

Quotes of Lil Nas X

“When I started to make music I wasn’t as serious at first. I would make some songs that I really felt like making [but] I would make other songs that I felt like people wanted to hear from me. Once I started to make music that I wanted to make, I didn’t care at that point. “Old Town Road”‘s the peak of me doing whatever I want to do with music.” 

“I believe whenever you’re trying something new, it’s always going to get some kind of bad reception.”

Wrapping up 

Lil Nas X is an American singer, a songwriter who made his song reach number one in the billboard chart. Lil Nas X net worth is in millions and it is safe to assume that this young singer who rod from an unknown teen to a superstar will continue to astound the audience with his hits in years to come. One of his traits that is instrumental for his success is his wisdom to discern the difference between fleeting happiness and true joy and also his persistence and curiously to unlock high in life. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What did make Lil Nas X so famous? 

The star got fame and success when his first song went viral on TikTok and the record his song maintained of being the longest-running song at the No. 1 spot on Billboard Hot 100.

Is Lil Nas X gay?

He came out as gay in 2019. 

Is he related to Rapper Nas – Capital XTRA?

No, he is not! However, his stage name resembles the legendary Rapper Nas – Capital XTRA. 

Is Lil Nas X father a singer?

No, he is not a singer. His parents got divorced when he was six. He was brought up by his mother and grandmother.

What are the distinctive features of Lil Nas X?

His lean physique and pierced ears are his distinctive features. 

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