Top 10 MangaStream Alternatives To Read Manga Online for Free

The manga was something that you can’t help laying your eyes on. The Site gained immense popularity due to the array of outstanding genres ranging from sci-fi to action, romance, adventure, and more. The user-friendly interface and the availability of the content in various languages were some of the features that made it more distinctive and prominent among the Manga lovers.

Don’t be disheartened if you ever wanted to be a Manga Artist once in your life. Fortunately, There are MangaStream Alternatives that have great potential to quench your thirst for Manga in a go.

What is MangaStream?

It was the online scanlation manga comic database, the site was a huge source for the high-quality manga comics for free. People enjoyed the amazing Japanese comics for years without any charges. However, in 2023, it is no longer in service.

Why MangaStream decided to Shut down its operations?

According to some sources, MangaStream decided to shut down operations to promote the legal content. The other reason was to let the other services like Manga Plus to foster in the digital world. however, the exact reason has not been unfolded by the officials but the site had been the best hub for the Comic enthusiasts to read the comics.

Top MangaStream Alternatives 2023 To Read Manga Online

Top Mangatream alternative sites of 2023 are gathered after doing extensive research on the sites available that claim to provide the same services as  Without further ado, let’s have a look at the best Mangastream alternatives of 2023. You can bookmark the site to stay abreast of the latest about the Mangastream.

1. MangaFox

This is one of the greatest sites that work like Mangastream and can let you enjoy the content you have been looking for. The popularity of the site led to the emergence of many fake sites, however, the MangaFox is being operated as

Notable Features of the site

  • The Manga updates are super fast, as they become available on the site on the day of the official release.
  • It has some excellent features like adaptive zoom for better reading and user-friendly interface.
  • The app version provides a more streamlined experience.
  • The app version is not yet released on the Google play store.

2. MangaPark

The most talk-about- service of online manga scanlation. It is indeed one of the best Mangastream alternatives that provide high-quality content. There are many great benefits you can enjoy at Mangapark and are hard to find on any other alternative.

Notable features of the site

  • It has a wide manga reading area.
  • You can open ten pages at a time and that serves a lot of conveniences as you won’t have to load the page after every chapter.
  • The site has a user-friendly interface and the ad annoyance rate is also low.

3. MangaTown

The site has gotten one of the high-quality Manga Database, the name Mangatown justifies the work it has shown. From the minimalistic look to the availability of the old and classic comics make it the top Mangastream alternative.

Notable features of the site

  • The site has a flawless and amazing user-friendly interface.
  • The content categories like Hot Manga Release, Featured Manga Release, New Manga Release makes it easy to choose the favorite Manga.
  • You can explore the content through A-Z names, Views, Ratings, and Latest categories.

4. MangaReaders

A site that resembles a lot with the monster Mangastream in terms of look and the features it offers to comic enthusiasts. The surprise button will allow you to read any random Manga comic. There are other great benefits of the site some are listed below.

Notable Features of the Site

  • Mangareader is not mobile-friendly however it works great in tablet laptops or PCs.
  • The Mangastreams are in high quality with clear text and evident print.
  • A-to Z list will make it easy to find the favorite Manga.
  • The functionality of the site is very much similar to Mangastream.

5. Comixology

In 2014, amazon acquired the site and after that, the site has gained more fame since it became a legit platform to read the comics. Comixology is not free, you have to pay some bucks to read your favorite comics from here.

Notable Features of the Site

  • The site has over 1,00,000 comics to choose form.
  • The app version of the site is available in Google, Ios, kindle, and windows.
  • Amazon is the current operator of the website.
  • The site has a premium looking interface.
  • You are required to buy the subscription to access the information available on the site.

6. Manga Dex

The site is also very similar to Mangastream as it provides the same content as Mangastream used to do but in comparatively a different version. You can write your views or comment on the forum given on the website.

Notable features of the Site

  • The comics are available in more than 20 languages.
  • The top features of the site include fan-made endings, colored versions, and official crossovers.
  • You will be given a chance to follow a specific group of characters.
  • The user-friendly interface and high-quality images are the best features.

7. Mangago

Mangago is another cool alternative to Mangastreams that offers pretty cool features in the beta version and has the jumbo version of some of the evergreen Mangas ever.

Notable features of the site.

  • The site has a premium looking interface, not ambiguous at all.
  • The pop ad ratio is less as compared to the other alternatives.
  • It has some of the greatest collections like Naruto, Astro Boy, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, and many more.

8. Mangastreamtoday

Mangastreamtoday as the name indicates is similar to Mangastream and one of the best alternatives. The site possesses some of the cool features like you can get all the mangas in one place. you even can bookmark to any comic to have easy access.

Notable features of the site

  • It requires no subscription and is free.
  • The interface is simple and easy to use.
  • You can explore genres like romance, sci-fi, comedy, fancy, horror, and much more.

9. MangaReborn

It is another cool and enjoyable site to explore the best Mangas. It is one of the coolest websites like Mangastream for your comic cravings. The site has the latest content as it is updated with the latest comics.

Notable features of the site

  • The interface is not ambiguous at all.
  • The site is the big library to access online comics for free.
  • The best part is you can reach it through any platform and device.

10. Kiss Mange

KissManga is also a top alternative to Mangastream and functions similarly to the other alternatives mentioned above. The site gets regularly updated hence bring the latest chapters of your favorite Mangas on a timely basis.

Notable Features of the site

  • It has a limited collection of comics, however, strive hard to provide quality content.
  • The site can be explored by even children as it is safe to use.
  • There are no significant ads hence no interruption while you read.
  • You can access KissManga through any platform.


In the world, where the motion picture has taken a lead in the entertainment industry, there are still people who love reading comics. MangaStream was a graphic novel created in Japan and the Fans translated the content in various languages including English, French, and Italian. The site was one of the largest hubs for the MangaComics and was around for more than a decade. There are sites like MangaStream that provide similar services and keeping the audience entertained.


Was MangaStream Legal?

Illegality was the prime reason for Mangastream’s shut down. Due to pirated content, the owner got threats that led to closing the Website for good.

Is there any way to stop pop-up ads on websites like Mangastream?

No denying that pop-up ads are annoying, however, there is one way to stop these ads from popping up and that is downloading ad blocker extension to your browser.

Do Mangastream alternatives are free to access?

Yes, you don’t need any subscription or charges to access the data on such sites. You can watch your favorite content anytime for free. some of the sites may likely ask you for the signup.

What is Mangas Plus?

It is an official Mangastream Reader by Shueisha. The availability of the site has been restricted in South Korea, China, and Japan.

How much money did make?

The site generated over $36,433 when it was LIVE.


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