R Kelly Net worth – Bio, Age, Family, Sexual Orientation 2020

R Kelly is a renowned singer, songwriter, and producer, he pursued rapping in the ’90s and still regard as the best songwriter and rapper with some of the evergreen songs like “I Believe I Can Fly” and “Ignition”. R Kelly net worth has significantly dropped down after his number of lawsuits, allegation, and cases. Read on to know what his net worth, age, height, and current list of girlfriends are.

What is R Kelly’s net worth?

Are you really into what is R Kelly’s net worth? His net worth has been controversial as recently his 19 videos came up explaining how his net worth adjusted from $150 million to 1 million. As of now, R. Kelly’s net worth is estimated to be $100 million however after numerous lawsuits, allegations, and complication, his exact net worth is difficult to measure.

Early life

He was born in Chicago on January 8, 1967. He along with the other three siblings are raised by his mother in the Baptist church. His father has always been absent in his life. till 14, he was sexually abused by a female relative and started singing at the age of eight in the choir. He was just eight when he had his first girlfriend Lulu, he even confessed in one of his books that he was so ashamed and depressed till the age of ten. He gained national recognition in 1987 on the talent show ‘Big Break’. His first solo album ’12 play’ was released in 1993.


Full name: Robert Sylvester Kelly

Nickname: The Pied Piper, Kells.

Date of birth: 8 January 1967.

Place of birth: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Debut: Album 12 Play (1993)

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

School: Kenwood Academy High School

Hobbies: basketball

Religion: Baptism

Height: 6 ft.

Skin color: Black

Sexual orientation: Straight

Girlfriends: Aaliyah, Tiffany Hawkins, Kim Dulaney, Bianca Darrington 
DeLeon Richards, Jara Everett, andSparkle

Wife: Aaliya and Andrea Lee

Children: Robert Kelly Jr, Joann Kelly, Jay Kelly

Marital status: Divorced

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