Best Sites like Couchtuner 2020 (Updated Listed)

Surfing the internet merely for social media has long passed away. Now people are obsessed with TV shows and movies. From hundreds of online available websites for watching TV shows and movies online, a CouchTuner alternative or sites like Couchtuner are considered the best to count on for watching the favourite shows without lagging and buffing. Due to various reasons, CouchTuner is acknowledged as the best website for online TV shows and movies but maintaining a massive crowd at one place requires a lot of data handling and the site could not keep up with it.

The sudden shut down of the site left TV enthusiasts disappointed and they eventually started looking for streaming sites like Couchtuner. In this post, we will highlight the top best CouchTuner alternative websites for 2020. To enhance your TV shows and movie experience, keep reading this post.

What is CouchTuner?

With the advancement of technology and the development of Android technology, spending leisure underwent many improvements and changes. These improvements and changes brought various new things to light and TV shows and movies are one of those improvements. To watch TV shows and movies online, there are different online websites available. These websites offer ad-free quality content (TV shows, movies, and music). CouchTuner is a website among hundreds of online platforms available for TV shows and movies. Couchtuner reviews have been positive and the availability of alternatives to Couchtuner has been the blessing of TV enthusiasts.

How to use CouchTuner?

To some extent, all of these websites explore content from other sites which isn’t liable to copyrights – at least they claim it in this way. Surfing the internet merely for social media is the best way to spend leisure but if you are looking for something more interesting then CouchTuner is your pal. If you are facing any problem while streaming TV series or movies on CouchTuner, you have two options: either you can change the VPN address or choose any CouchTuner alternative from the list below. And one more thing, CouchTuner is completely safe.

Top 15 Sites like Couchtuner

The list is compiled after doing extensive research on the availability of other sites like Couchtuner. Check out the best and top alternative of Couchtuner.

 1. Solarmovie

Looking for the top best CouchTuner alternative for 2020 then you should not trust every pop up free alternative to Couchtuner. Solarmovie has a great potential to be enlisted in the top Couchtuner alternatives due to the paramount features it offers the viewers. The most highlighted ones are listed below.

  • Its elegant design and the state-of-the-art first page give you the latest content, trending movies and TV series,
    It is extremely easy to explore the new uploads from the site. The website has a very low annoyance rate.
  • Sites similar to couchtuner, Solarmovie is the streaming site that provides content from non-affiliated sources, SolarMovie does the same.

2. Putlocker

If you ask me what is the most loved and visited online movie and TV show streaming website, without any doubt I will answer PutLocker. It is not about me or any other content developer but if you have ever streamed for online movies you recognize it instantly.

  • The best part of this giant movie and TV series streaming website is that you will have plenty of mirror forums.
  • The availability of the site has never been an issue at PutLocker.
  • It has an aesthetically attractive and beautiful interface.
  • You can explore movies and TV shows from multiple genres without any lag or buffing.

3. New Episodes

It is the best Couchtuner alternative available to date. The site is the hub of all the latest and trending television shows to watch without requiring any registration or fee. It offers some of the excellent features, the most prominent are highlighted below.

  • As the name suggests, New Episode is a website where you can find the latest TV shows in HD quality.
  • The main page gives you the Aired TV shows this week, the latest TV shows, and New TV shows. You may arrange the page alphabetically.
  • One interesting feature of this CouchTuner alternative website is that you can schedule your favorite shows.
  • New Episodes of TV series has an active forum where users interact. It is highly recommended to introduce yourself so that you will get a proper welcome.

4. Daily TV Fix

It is right to have a special creed for TV series in this modern world. If you are one of those who can’t live with the suspense and thrill of new episodes. It is an excellent alternative to Couchtuner that provides the best user experience with less ad annoyance rates.

  • Daily TV Fix has all the latest episodes for you. From this CouchTuner alternative, you can search for movies and TV series by their names.
  • The latest episodes are being uploaded from time to time and it will give you the ultimate experience of streaming.
  • It is one of the sites like Couchtuner that has a beautiful interface and is the hub of all the latest TV shows.
  • The episodes are in HD quality without any lag or buffing.

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5. MovieWatcher

Moviewatcher is claimed to be the only website which is an online cinema. Here one can find movies by the years and genres, and TV series. The features of the sites make it one of the perfect TV streaming sites like Couchtuner.

  • There are two different sections for movies: new movies and popular movies.
  • The major advantage of this website is that here one can enjoy movies and TV shows without any registration
  • Different genres include Sci-fi, drama, thriller, crime, fantasy, family, game show, history, horror, and many more.
  • It is one of the excellent websites similar to Couchtuner that provide quality and HD videos without any registration.

6. Primewire

Want to stream movies, TV shows, and music in one place, visit Primewire. Unlike any other website mentioned in this post, this platform allows you to watch movies online, stream Tv shows, and to listen to music in one place.

  • Every newly added and already added movie, TV series, and music chart gives you the rating in stars.
  • Primewire started five years ago and changed many domains throughout its history.
  • If you want to take your movie experience to the next level then you can enjoy its premium subscription.
    Unlike it’s competitive, Primewire is less annoying and resistive in terms of displaying ads.

7. Luchflix

Lunchflix is another website that has a pleasing interface and enables you to enjoy all the classic shows and movies in one place. The site however does not possess the biggest library of movies or shows but the quality of content is great.

  • The website will have different categories ranging from 2018 movies, 2018 movies, 2020 movies, TV shows, and more.
  • You can watch all movies at HD quality.
  • The domain name is inspired by Netflix, the best and top-rated streaming service.
  • Since the site, Lunchflix is not old therefore the ad annoyance rate is significantly low.

8. The Dare TV

The dare TV won’t let you have any distraction when you make your mind to watching some of the best quality movies or TV shows online. It is indeed the best Couchtuner alternative that can help you have a great watch time.

  • The streamlined performance and the little annoyance of the unwanted ads.
  • It has an aesthetically beautiful interface and usually, there is no lag or buffing during streaming.
  • In some countries, you will be given a choice to download the movie of your choice.
  • The website is no longer functional in some countries but you can try it out by using any VPN.

9. TubiTV

TubiTV is one of the renowned and the best site similar to Couchtuner that provides the streaming experience one can wish for. Be it a recently released movie or the classic TV show, you can watch anything without any inconvenience. Here are some prominent features of the site.

  • Be it Sci-fiction, adventure, comedy, or romance, you can explore the various genres of your choice smoothly.
  • TubiTV provides user HD quality without creating any sort of hole in your pocket.
  • You can unwind with friends and family without worrying about lagging and buffing.
  • The site has a smooth interface, however, ads are pretty annoying.

10. TV Muse

If you want to take your online entertainment to the next level then consider visiting TV muse at least once. The amazing diversity in content guarantees the extreme level of satisfaction of every user who lands on the site.

  • You can download the uploaded series of movies on the website for free.
  • You don’t need any registration to watch or download the content.
  • It has everything to satisfy the needs of the customer ranging from news to anime and more.
  • The smooth interface will never let you have any sort of difficulty in navigation.

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11. Flixtor

If you are looking for sites like Couchtuner then your search ends here as Flixtor is the most reliable Couchtuner alternative one can find on the internet. Similar to anything else, it does have some drawbacks that the homepage of the site seems a little adult but overall site performance is great.

  • It has everything from TV shows and TV episodes to the latest movies and more.
  • The website is old and you do have to face the untimely annoying ads again and again.
  • The website allows you to be a VIP member to get some additional perks.
  • The quality of the video content is not so good.

12. 5movies

It is also one of the coolest sites like couchtuner that come with some commendable features for the users to double the fun. It gives great streaming experience and also enables you to watch all the latest TV shows and movies without any inconvenience.

  • You can filter to get the content of your choice ranging from genre, movies, countries, IMDb rating, and more.
  • The interface of the site is not so pleasing and it also gives you an option to explore the previous version of the site.
  • 5movies is one of the alternatives of 123movies and Putlocker.

13. Alluc

Alluc is also one of the reliable and evergreen Couchtuner alternatives that gives users a satisfying experience especially in terms of quality and a large database that has every movie and show ranging from the old classic movies to recently released content.

  • The best part of Alluc is that it does not contain any transfer links.
  • This is a great user-generated online video directory to watch movies and shows for free,
  • It has content from TV shows, movies, music videos to sport, creation, anime, and cartoons.
  • The website does not work in some countries but you can use a VPN to try out this site.

14. AZ movies

AZ movies are the site run by a group of movie enthusiasts and it is also one of the top trending sites like Couchtuner. It is one of the biggest online video directories as you can watch all the old and latest movies without spending a single penny.

  • You can watch old movies even from the year 1915.
  • It is an old website however the domain name has shifted multiple times throughout its history.
  • You can choose the movies from the release year to the genre and to latest movies available.
  • It has a smooth and user-friendly interface.

15. Xfinity

The website is heaven for binge-watching. With no much annoyance of ads and the smooth performance makes infinity the coolest couch tuner alternative to consider. Moreover, you will be given many choices for personalization in Xfinity. The interface of the website is also great as you won’t have to struggle while navigating.

  • You can choose from more than 20 genres of movies on this website.
  • You don’t need to register yourself to stream or download the content from this site.
  • The best part is that it does not have many ads in its user interface.
  • A special category is allocated where users can find news related to music,

Wrapping up

Movies and games are the most basic addiction for this generation and people are busy looking at different websites. It is no secret that the most loved leisure around the world is watching movies and TV shows. This is one of the many reasons why people from different and distant parts of the world subscribe to Netflix and many other platforms offering ad-free TV shows and movies. Couchtuner was the video streaming website that had the availability of countless TV shows and movies. Unlike some legal streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, it does not require any membership or fee to watch the content. The sudden shut down of the site left many people disappointed and there comes a comprehensive list of a site similar to Couchtuner that started providing hosted content for free and work similarly to couch tuner.


Does Couchtuner have viruses?

Similar to other online streaming sites, Couchtuner does possess a high risk of downloading malware to your mobile device or computer. However, if you have antivirus or firewall software running to block unwanted downloads then you can safely browse Couchtuner and websites like Couchtuner for movies.

Is it worth using a VPN to browse a website like Couchtuner?

If you are willing to browse anonymously then consider using a virtual private network that does not allow you to check the ISP from viewing the websites and data you access.

How can you safely browse Couchtuner?

Taking the right set of precautions can significantly reduce the chances of malware hence make your browsing safe and secure. It is advisable to make sure that an antivirus is installed in your system and you do have firewall software running to avoid unnecessary downloading.

How do they keep Couchtuner alternatives up and running?

These sites set up servers in countries with no piracy laws. When the owner of such sites feels that the chances of a website shut down are increasing they build and shift the content to another website.

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