The Bachelor 2024 Cast Revealed

Waiting for the Bachelor 2024 season 28? You are not alone in the queue; the interesting season is going to start in January 2024. There is no doubt about the craziness of the season, but many are also conscious of the Cast of Bachelor 2024. The Cast of Season 28 is revealed, and today we come to you with details of the cast. Keep reading and know about the names and short bio of every member of Bachelor 2024 Season 28. Let’s start the discussion.

On Jan. 22, at 8 PM on ABC, 32 incredible women join Joey Graziadei in “The Bachelor” history. They’ll open their hearts for love. You can watch the show on Hulu the next day. It’s the 28th season, with the most women ever on night one.

The Bachelor 2024 season 28 Cast Reaveld

  1. Joey Graziadei [ 28]

Joey Graziadei, 28, a tennis teacher from Collegeville, PA, gained fame on “The Bachelorette” season 20. He won hearts for being loyal and kind. Joey shared his family values and how they impact his search for true love. Now, as a Bachelor, he seeks a friendly, caring partner and enjoys outdoor fun like hiking and surfing. He craves sharing his life with someone special for more love and adventures.

  1. Allison [26]

Allison wants a special love story like in movies. She’s dated serious people but has not found the right one. She hopes Joey might be it. But she’s looking for love with her sister Lauren, who dated a guy they both liked before. Can they handle it? Allison dreams of a happy ending. She’s into costumes, fruity drinks, and fancy dinners.

  1. Daisy [25]

Daisy, 25, seeks real love. Family motivates her. She’s faced challenges and craves care. Loyalty, fun, and family matter in a partner. Raised on a tree farm, she dreams of a fairy-tale love with Joey. Singing in her car and ice cream make her happy. She aspires to be a famous writer.

  1. Chandler [ 24]

Chandler, a 24-year-old graphic designer from New York City, seeks genuine love. She’s empathetic and ambitious and enjoys her bustling social life. Despite success in her career and dating attempts, she longs for a meaningful relationship. Outside work, she cherishes moments with family, exploring eateries, and jogging along the West Side Highway. Her perfect date involves baking sweets. Curiously, she once gave herself bangs, adores Sunday fun, and fears lightning.

  1. Autumn [26]

Autumn, 26, works as an Account Executive in St. Louis, Missouri. She’s a small-town girl from a loving family, one of two sets of twins. Her job means a lot, and she’s proud of being career-focused. Beyond work, she enjoys college football, live music, and Coldplay. She’s looking for her true love, hoping to find a loyal, fun family man, maybe Joey. 

  1. Chrissa [26]

Chrissa, 26, a Marketing Director from Abbotsford, BC, is a great catch! Her smile brightens rooms, she’s proud of her job, and she’s mature. Having been engaged before, she’s ready for marriage, seeking a man with no red flags. Besides work, she enjoys reading, brewery, and golf. Chrissa’s caring nature seeks reciprocated love. Fun facts: She’s athletic but can’t ride a bike, has a Christmas birthday, and adores competitive Scrabble.

  1. Edwina [25]

Edwina is a 25-year-old entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia. Originally from Liberia, she moved to the US at 11. Edwina, a crochet enthusiast since childhood, now runs a global crocheting business. Although shy at first, she’s creative, caring, and loyal. Seeking honesty, humor, and support, she hopes to start a family. Edwina’s eager for love on this journey. Fun facts? She dreams of playing tennis, fears cats, and once jetted to Paris for a day to see the Eiffel Tower

  1. Erika [ 25]

Erika, 25, is a Leasing Agent from North Bergen, New Jersey. She’s looking for her dream guy. Erika’s got it all: amazing curly hair, an excellent job, and her cute dog, Cleo. But she’s missing one thing: her future husband. Finding love is her top aim. She wants a partner for travel and trying new restaurants. Erika loves reading and dreams of writing her own book. Fun facts? She paints, can nap anywhere with a comfy pillow, and cringes at her emo high school days.

  1. Evalin [ 29]

Evalin, 29, a nanny from San Antonio, Texas, is bold and outspoken. She loves her hometown but seeks adventure worldwide. Wanting a husband who’s bold, hardworking, and open-minded, Evalin, from a big family, desires to start her own. Confident and funny, she seeks a partner to match her energy. She’s a big fan of “Hamilton,” admires Charity Lawson, and isn’t into bucket lists. Evalin’s determined; good luck stopping her.

  1. Jenn [25]

Jenn, a 25-year-old student in Miami, is studying to be a physician assistant. She’s caring, loves helping, and seeks love. Jenn values reliability and seeks someone thoughtful. She enjoys books, paddleboarding, and traveling. She speaks two languages and is eager to share her Vietnamese roots. Jenn’s quirks? She’s sure aliens exist, carries ChapStick everywhere, and Shawn Mendes’ tunes bring tears.

  1. Jess [24]

Jess, 24, is an Executive Assistant from San Diego, California. In search of a fairy-tale love, she’s eager to meet someone trustworthy, respectful, and committed. When not aiding disaster victims, she enjoys singing Taylor Swift, exploring eateries, and hanging with her Yorkipoo, Charli. A hopeless romantic, she’s geared up for a genuine connection. Describing her style as “country glamour,” she cherishes scenic sights and recently discovered the joy of reading for pleasure.

  1. Katelyn [25]

Katelyn, 25, a smart radiochemist from Santa Fe, New Mexico, is amazing. She got her own house at 23 and dreams big in medicine. When not working, she enjoys hiking, reading fantasy books, and sipping drinks at bars. Proud of her Vietnamese roots, she seeks a partner who shares her culture and supports her feminist beliefs. She hopes Joey might be her soulmate. Katelyn’s quirks? She’s a cribbage champ, messy with laundry, and adores heights

  1. Kayla [27]

Kayla, 27, from Hamilton, Ohio, is a kind and lively guidance counselor. She’s outgoing and trustworthy. After an eight-year relationship ended because her ex wasn’t ready for forever, Kayla’s serious about finding ‘the one.’ She aims to settle down with someone ready for kids. She enjoys “Harry Potter,” “Schitt’s Creek,” and spending time with her rescue animals. Kayla’s tired of being the third wheel and hopes Joey becomes her forever partner! She once halted traffic to rescue a baby duck, adores “Harry Potter,” and dreams of tasting food worldwide.

  1.  Kelsey A.[25]

Kelsey A., 25, a Junior Project Manager from New Orleans, is truly unique. Growing up on a U.S. military base in Germany, she cherishes her family. In NOLA, she adores streetcar rides to eateries, exploring the French market, and picnics. She crafts heartfelt gifts for her love. Seeking a humorous, compassionate partner who shares her giving spirit, she dreams of launching a nonprofit. Kelsey A. dreams big, plans fast, questions social media’s impact, and treasures her gift-giving talent.

  1.  Kelsey T. [31]

Kelsey T., 31, an actor from Los Angeles, exudes joy and ambition. She sees herself as understanding and adventurous, eager for a new journey with Joey. Having had serious relationships before, she’s open to love again. Seeking someone who values her thoughtfulness, she enjoys game nights with friends, family time, and beach volleyball. Known for falling hard and fast in love, Joey better brace for a dive into love! Kelsey also loves it when wild lizards crawl into her hands, proudly labeling herself a top-notch cheerleader. She credits Destiny’s Child for helping her through her teenage years.

  1.  Kyra [26]

Kyra, 26, a paralegal in Miami, loves fun! She’s outgoing, speaks her mind, and adores bars and Sims. She seeks an honest, funny, loyal guy who matches her humor. Her ideal date? Beach days and comedy nights. Kyra seizes life and desires new adventures, hoping for her perfect match. Acts of kindness speak to her heart, and she pampers with poems. Joey, brace for Kyra’s affection.

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  1.  Lanie [27]

Lanie is a 27-year-old realtor from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She craves adventure and seeks it on “The Bachelor.” With a contagious, upbeat vibe and a heart of gold, she’s eager to find love like her parents. Tired of short-lived relationships, she wants an emotionally mature man. Lanie dreams of a travel partner for life, aiming to buy a house in Greece.

18. Lauren [ 28]

Lauren, a 28-year-old nurse from Philadelphia. She’s smart, funny, gorgeous, and passionate about nursing and the life of any party. In her free time, she hits fitness classes and music festivals. Family means the world to her, especially her sister, Allison, also pursuing Joey. She seeks a motivated, funny man with good hygiene, hoping Joey fits the bill. She’s a romantic waiting for her dream guy. Also, she loves voice texting, finds cleaning soothing, and once rocked a serious punk look

19.  Lea [23]

Lea, 23, is an account manager from Waipahu, Hawaii. She’s eager to start anew with Joey. Confident and proud of her Hawaiian heritage, she brightens any room. Beyond work, she enjoys painting, hiking, and the sea. Serious about love, she craves meaningful connections and dreams of being a fish for a day, feeling tied to the ocean. Her heart beats for grand romantic gestures, not casual dating. 

20. Lexi [30]

Lexi is a 30-year-old digital strategist from Atlanta, Georgia. She’s on a quest to find her perfect match. Lexi’s kind, loyal, and super smart, ranking in the top 1% in her MBA program at MIT. Having moved a lot, she seeks a stable partner. Her deep love and loyalty make her a “ride or die” person. Lexi’s hoping to find love and maybe bring Joey home with her. Some fun things about Lexi: she enjoys playing poker, relies on her self-tanning mousse, and dreams of running a marathon.

21. Madina [ 31]

Madina, 31, helps people as a mental health therapist in Charlotte, North Carolina. She’s from a Bangladeshi family and sees herself as hardworking, kind, and devoted. Madina enjoys fitness, dancing, and “The Great British Bake Off.” She wants a mature, caring partner who’s present on dates. She’s hopeful about finding true love. Madina relaxes with tea and face masks and loves organizing with colors, but camping isn’t her thing.

22. Maria [29]

Maria, 29, from Kleinburg, Ontario, is a bold and outgoing Executive Assistant. She’s tired of short relationships and wants a lasting connection. A psychic hinted Joey might be her future partner. She enjoys Taekwondo, spaghetti, and horror movies. She seeks a guy who shares her interests, hoping Joey won’t disappear like a ghost! She enjoys disposable camera photo shoots, dreams of eating sushi in Japan, and is obsessed with horror movies.

23. Marlena [26]

Marlena, 26, is a finance writer. She lives in West Palm Beach, Florida. She’s looking for love. She wants a guy who’s open about feelings. She hopes Joey is sensitive. People say she’s cheerful, loyal, and strong. In 5 years, she wants a family and to help dogs. She dreams of being a mom and is excited for that time. Marlena’s a romantic. She does a lot for her partner. She hopes Joey is ready for her love.

24. Nat [26]

Nat, 26, from Sudbury, Canada, is a smart and charming nurse and professor. She’s young but already has a master’s degree and a successful career. Looking for adventure, she hopes to find a match in Joey. Nat values her sleep, aiming for 12 hours, sometimes 17! She loves laughter and travel and wants a partner to build a life with. Nat enjoys cuddling and prefers a chilly bedroom. She fears missing out and thinks broccoli is the best veggie.

25. Rachel [ 26]

Rachel, a 26-year-old ICU Nurse from Honolulu, Hawaii. She’s seeking someone special to share life’s journey. Proud of her Hawaiian heritage, she adores Hawaiian food and hopes to bond over it. Family-oriented and ready to start her own, she values honesty and seeks a supportive partner. In her free time, she enjoys “Friends,” Jane Austen’s books, and family moments. Rachel treasures Hawaiian Christmas but fears frogs.

26.  Sam [31]

Sam, 31, CPA from Nashville, Tennessee. She loves saying yes to life and taking risks for love. She enjoys nights out with pizza margaritas and dreams of a serious relationship like her parents. Looking for her No. 1. Hopes for a destination wedding and dreams of an African safari. Enjoys late European-style dinners.

27. Samantha [25]

Samantha, 25, a pro cheerleader in Miami, was a Disney princess and pageant star. She seeks her Prince Charming, maybe Joey. Beyond dance skills, she’s genuine and loves deeply. Off-field, she adores her dog, Finley, and family pizza. She dreams of an airboat tour, cherishes peonies, and sings while showering.

28. Sandra [26]

Sandra, 26, from Nashville, Tennessee. She’s a cybersecurity expert, smart, and caring. She’s all set in her career and social life, seeking a strong partnership. Love is her thing, and she hopes for a best friend in her future husband. Sandra enjoys “Suits,” globetrotting, and strolls with friends. She’s eager to see if Joey’s the one! Sandra enjoys walks with pals, wishes for an ’80s life, and nails football throws.

29. Starr [27]

Starr, 25, helps people with feelings. She lives in Delray Beach, Florida, and works as a counselor. Starr loves love and wants a special person. She likes trying new foods and going to the beach. She wants a funny, family-loving, hardworking guy. Starr’s good at impersonating Britney Spears, often late, and loves spicy margaritas. She’s looking for real love and thinks Joey could be it.

30. Sydney [28]

Sydney, 28, owns a neat store in Rhode Island selling old things. She’s clever, loves freedom, and hopes for love. Her shop brings joy, yet she longs for a lifetime companion. Joey matches her adventurous side. She adores spontaneous trips, has talented cats, and taught English in Thailand with high enthusiasm.

31. Talyah [23]

Talyah, 23, lives in Huntington Beach, CA, and helps people with skin care. She looks forward to meeting Joey, wishing he’s nice, trustworthy, and loving. Weekends mean cuddles with her chihuahua, Lil Mama, and “Gossip Girl” time. She loves 1950s fashion, pancakes, and trusts in real love.

32. Taylor [23]

Taylor, a 23-year-old recruiter from Chicago, Illinois. She’s fun-loving, loyal, and ready for love. Believing in fate, she sees Joey as her perfect match. Outside work, she enjoys yoga, books, and family time. She hoped Joey could be the one. Taylor cherishes good food, dreams of being Joey’s fiancée, and sees herself as the Samantha of her friends.

33. Zoe [24]

Zoe is 24, lives in Atlanta, and is an artist. She wants a committed man who supports her like she’d support him. A successful sculptor, welder, and photographer, she’s ready for lasting love. Her dream date is a museum night with deep talks. She enjoys running and trying new food. Zoe hopes Joey could be the one. She likes Architectural Digest, rides motorcycles, and dislikes excessive phone use.

Final Words

The Bachelor 2024″ is produced by Warner Bros. TV. Claire Freeland, Jason Ehrlich, Bennett Graebner, Peter Gust, Tim Warner, Jodi Baskerville, and Jeff Thomas are in charge as top producers. The season 28 is starting in January. In this season, there are 32 Bachellorate women for Joey. Let’s see who will be the Joey’s partner. All the members of the cast are looking strong and competitive. This season will be a great experience for everyone to watch.

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