Top 20 Different Types of Braids

Gone are the days when girls used to have a limited style braid – they have returned to popularity with more elegant and youthful styles. Out of many braiding techniques, we have unearthed the best types of braids that make you more stylish and elegant. Since summer is right on the corner and for your convenience, we have added 20 more easiest and trendy hairstyles of braids with a couple of tricks and tutorials and the major types of different braids along the way. Stay adhered to and have a glimpse into the beautiful and trendy braiding techniques.

What are different types of braids

Braids are diverse and have been around for ages. There are different types of braids to choose from. Familiarize yourself with the different braiding techniques and decide which can be the best for the upcoming event or a day out with friends.

  1. Classic 3 strand braid


This is the most traditional type of braid which is equally popular among children and adults. All you have to do, section your hair into three then alternate one over the other until are hairs are done. The style is simple and takes hardly any minutes to execute. And like any braid style, you are required to tie it off at the end.

  1. Plait Braid
Plait BraidSourc

Source: Youtube

It is similar to a 3-strand braid as it follows the same alternating principle. The only major distinction is you have to add more strands. You can make as many strands as you like that somehow make it extremely difficult to remember which one was on the top. Once you master the trick you can explore other designs and unlock more strands braiding to make your hair look super cool.

  1. Fishtail braid


Fishtail braid
Source: Pintrest

A fishtail is a type of braiding that is simple yet time intensive. You have to divide your hair into two sections. To begin with it, simply start taking a small piece underneath the two sections and then pull across towards the center of the opposing sections. Make sure to pull tight and repeat the process unless you reach the end of your hair. A fishtail braid is complicated but once it is all done it worth the wait.

  1. French braids
French braids
Source: Pinterest

The French braid is again similar to the classic 3 strand braid. You divide the hair into three sections and add hair to each section as you braid down. The only distinction between a French braid and a classic 3 strand braid is that in French braids we start from the scalp. It is also a common type of braid and looks super classy when it is nicely and professionally done.

  1. Lace braid


Source: Pinterest

The principle of braiding is the same as a french braid with only one difference: you don’t focus on pulling the braid tight of scalp instead of focus on weaving the ends of your hair together. It is amazing for those who want t grow out the Bange. The lace braids when executed nicely look like a lace trim.

  1. Rope braid


Rope Braid

In the rope braid, you have to sect-ionize your hair into two. Simply take each of the sections and twist them in the opposite direction i.e. one clockwise and another anticlockwise. Make sure to pull each section tightly and keep the braid in place. In the end, twist all the together and simply tie the ends. The braid does not take much of your time but looks elegant, simple, and classy.

  1. Lattice braid


Lattice braid

The lattice braid is great and goes in both horizontal and vertical sections to create a basket woven lattice look. This is one of the advanced types of braid and may require assistance from professionals since it has different parts and directions. When you braid down, you can’t see from the back but try to make sure the small braids you use for the lattice are straight and in the right position. This technique of braiding is beautiful and elegant.

  1. Ladder braid
Laddar braid

You can execute this type of technique in multiple ways. Like in some cases weave strands of hair between two braids and in contrary to this we also weave strands of hair from one side of a single braid to the other. in the former, the hair strands appear more like as the rungs and in the latter, your hair gets wrapped. Therefore, it is used to wrap your hair. Whatever style you execute, it creates a pleasant look and creates a loop leader sort of effect.

  1. Single braids
Single braids

Single braid style is more suitable for girls with long hair when your hair hangs down the shoulder or back. Single braids being easy as pie is the most used type of braid. It avoids the mess and makes you ready quickly for summer parties and beach days.

  1. Multiple braids
Multiple braids

As the name indicates, you divide your hair into various braids, you can even fill up your hair will little tiny braids. These braiding techniques are complex since all of your hair is being used. They can be styled in different ways. These types of braids can be used for an extended period and offer great protection to hairs.

  1. Partial braids
Partial braids

Partials braids are super trendy and easy too. When you stop braiding before going to the full length to create a grander hairstyle idea then it is called partial braids. It is also more like a French braid that ends before most of your hair is gathered to form a ponytail. Partial braids as the name indicate only use a part of your hair and the remaining part gets lost.

  1. Accent Braids
Accent Braids

Accent braid is also a great type of braiding style that has returned to popularity in recent years. These small and tinny braids can be executed in different ways. You can pin, spiral, curl or leave it loose to add a beautiful and charming look to your hair.

  1. Milkmaid Braid
maid braid

The milkmaid braid is also called a crown braid. You make a braid and push it back towards your head. The style is worn by many celebrities and artists. It begins with the center part as compared to the side part to give a more traditional look.

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  1. Double French braids
Double French braids

French braids are gaining fame for the past few years and nothing is better than having a French braid. Double French may take your back to the early days of school. the style is perfect for a more traditional look.

  1. French Braid Bun
French Braid Bun

The French braid is amazing no matter if you are off to some special occasion or just want to go for some casual occasions. Combining a bun and braid gives a satisfying and amazing look. For the contemporary take, do something like creating a braid that runs up the back of your head.

  1. Reverse French Braid
Reverse French Braid

Reverse French braid is one of the fantastic alternatives to the traditional braid. It not just raises your appearance but gives your hair protection and you can continue the style for an extended period without worrying about the hair coming out of anywhere. Have a look at this picture and try exploring the design that worth your effort and time.

  1. French Braid for short hair

You don’t need to be disheartened if your hair is not so long. Try out this French braid for short hair. It can look amazing no matter if your hairs are above the shoulder. This type of braids is not complex nor so intricate therefore braiding down won’t take much time.

  1. Cornrow braids
Cornrow braids
Cornrow braids

These types of braids are gaining popularity among young girls. Many actresses and celebrities are seen wearing this style. Such braids are normally positioned from front to back. Check the picture for reference and give this braid a try for the next special event.

  1. Box braids


Box braids

Box braids are trending these days, creating braids, and then looping it in a bun is a time-intensive process. In order to create such types of braids, you need smoothness as well as uniformity. These types of braids were more popular in the 19’s but retuning to popularity again.

  1. Micro braids
Micro braids

Micro braids are similar to box braids but as the name indicates, these are smaller in size but can be created using the same technique. Many celebrities have been wearing this style. This style makes them look chic and elegant at the same time. Have a look at this inspiring design and let us know in the comment section which one is your favorite braid.

Wrapping up

Weaving and deco-ring your braid in different ways can make it more fascinating and stylish. You can use different things for the different types of braids like colorful bread, strands, or anything. Make sure to choose wisely and transform your simple braid into a show-stopping thing. However, decoring the braid is not part of the types of braids, yet it can make a boring braid look more beautiful and stylish in a little to no time.

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