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The Viner turned YouTuber, David Dobrik net worth has skyrocketed into millions due to his dedication, resilience, professionalism, and drive to bring the entertaining content. Unlike many YouTubers, his pranks are super funny and look real too. It is his infectious laugh that makes his videos more addictive and enjoyable. The net worth of David Dobrik as of 2020 is $31 million. He earns cash from product placement, AdSense, and also a program known as Google preferred videos. He also acted in movies and currently judges a TV show. According to a source, David earns roughly $ 1.7 per year. He was named second time in a row as the 1st influencer to follow across social media.

Early Life of David Dobrik

David Julian Dobrik was born in Košice Slovakia. He was just six years old when his family moved to Vernon Hills, Illinois. He loved tennis and got third place in the doubles tournaments while studying at Vernon Hills High School. There is not much information regarding David Dobrik family, caste, and ethnicity however it is certain that he has three siblings, Ester, Sara, and Toby. Later, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in Vine. He was a Slovakian citizen and lived in the United States illegally. David Dobrik deported but protected under (DACA) Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Law.

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David’s Career in Vine and Youtube Beginnings

Dobrik first uploaded his video in 2013 in an entertainment network Vine and started collaborating with some famous Viners of that time. He was the member of a group called, ‘Second Class’ by the end of 2015, he had a company with over 18,000 subscribers and in the same year, he started his Youtube channel, ‘ David Dobrik’. His video includes pranks, inside jokes, cute animals, Vine and YouTube stars, real celebrities and various comedy bit characters. In 2018, David received the Youtube Diamond button when he surpassed 10m subscribers. In 2018, Dobrik started his third youtube channel ‘Views Podcast’ that includes the video podcast of Views.

David’s Marriage to his best friend’s mom

In 2019, for one of his comedy vlogs, he married the mom of his best friend Jason Nash. He did it because Jason was pulling his leg and said ‘ it is crazy to think that you will ever have an ex-wife because no woman will marry you ever in the first place’. David took it seriously and flew to Boston to marry Jason’s mum, ‘Lorraine Nash’. He officially got hitched to his fellow youtuber’s mother and became the 22-year-old stepdad of 45-year-old Jason Nash. David married in Los Vegas and divorced Lorraine Nash after a month.

‘I am heartbroken to announce that Lorraine and I have decided to end our romantic relationship. We wish this news would have come from us first, however, we know it’s difficult for the media to resist speculation. We have tried so hard to make things work. Sometimes in life, you just aren’t enough for someone; no matter what you do for them or what you try to be. Lorraine, you have been my light, my muse, and my confidante. You’ve taught me not only how to love another person but how to love myself. We will continue to love and support one another while being great friends and parents to our children. I thank everyone in advance for respecting our privacy at this time’

How much does David Dobrik make in a year?

David Dobrick source of income includes three youtube channels that collectively have over 30 million subscribers and grow 10,000 subscribers daily. His estimated revenue per day is somewhere around $35,000 from youtube. David Dobrik TV show, America’s Most Musical Family’ and some acts in movies are also adding a huge chunk of money to his overall wealth. David Dobrik net worth 2018 was also huge as he started making over $275K a Month.

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What is David Dobrik net worth in 2020?

Dobrik Success is reflected in the accolades he received over time. In November 2019, he revealed when his video surpasses over 16 million views he could easily make $275,000. His source of wealth includes Adsense, Google Preferred. He also earns bucks from youtube Red viewers, product placements in his sponsored videos, by selling merchandise to his fans and also earn a great amount of money from acting and judging a TV show ‘America’s Most Musical Family’. David Dobrik Net worth in 2020 is estimated to be $31 million. According to most of the sources, David’s net worth is over $7 million however, the information that we found more reliable was that net worth David Dobrik is somewhere around $31 million in 2020.

Fun Facts About David Dobrik

Check out some insane facts about David Dobrik.

  • He kissed and lost virginity at the age of 17.
  • His assistant and rumored girlfriend is his childhood best friend ‘ Natalie’.
  • He married his friend’s mom and divorced her after a month.
  • He dated Liza Koshey for nearly three years.
  • David’s celebrity crush is Ariana Grande.
  • He found cheating in college and also quit school.
  • Have you heard about, ‘David Drick Angry bird’ Axel was the name of a bird who appeared in a
  • movie, ‘ Angry Bird 2’ Axel was voiced by David Dobrik.
  • David Dobrik Net worth 2018-2019 was over $10 million.

Short Wiki Of David Dobrik

You may be very well aware of the renowned internet personality David Dobrik but do you, how old is David Dobrik, where is David Bobrik from, how did David Dobrik get famous, how tall is David Dobrik. Read this and more on his short bio

Name David Julian Dobrik
Celebrated name David Dobrik
Date of birth July 23, 1996
Place of Birth Košice Slovakia
Gender Male
Age 23
Zodiac Sign Leo
Height 1.78 m
Weight 75kg
Sexual orientation Straight
Marital status Divorced
Children N/A
Profession Youtuber, Viner, talent show judge, comedian, and actor
Education Vernon Hills High School
Affairs N/A
Last updated July 2020


David Dobrik Net worth skyrocketed into million in 2020, he gained immense popularity for his high energy videos and also named one of “10 Social Media Personalities Making the Most Noise” by the paper magazine. His content consists of pranks, inside jokes, cute animals, Vine and YouTube stars, real celebrities, and a few comedy characters. The versatile star also showed his phenomenal work in Films and TV screens. He is also the recipient of the People’s choice award in 2019.

Frequently Asked Question

Is David Dating anyone in 2020?

David tries to keep his relations personal ever since he divorced Lorraine Nash.However, it is speculated that he is in a relationship with his friend and assistant Natalie.

Why is Dobrik for?

Thanks to social media, that resulted in the risen fame of this star. Ever since he shifted from Vine to Youtube, David became immensely popular for his content on Youtube.

How Much Money Does David Dobrik make in a day?

As of 2020, David Dobrik roughly makes 30,000-$35,000 per day.

How old is Jason from David Dobrik?

He is 24 years older than David Dobrik.

Who is the richest YouTuber of 2020?

It is hard to believe that an eight old boy is the richest YouTuber of the world, his videos are all about opening toys and playing with them. Ryan’s video “Huge Eggs Surprise” got 1.9 billion views.

Does David Dobrik have a second youtube channel?

His main channel has over 17 million subscribers, but he made another channel David Dobrik too that has over 7.91 Million subscribers as of July 2020.

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