Top 10 Einthusan Alternatives of 2020-2021

The article unearths the best Einthusan alternatives to quench your thirst for watching movies ranging from old Hindi movies to a recent release. Einthusan is a platform run by movie enthusiasts that keep acquiring the latest movies to provide their users hundreds of hours of entertainment joy. The streaming site has one of the largest content libraries and claims to have LEGALLY LICENSED CONTENT FROM 9 REGIONAL LANGUAGES OF INDIA.

The large database of the site has everything from classic movies to recently release in high definition in different languages including Malayan, Bengali, Kannada, Hindi, Beluga, Tamil, and Chinese. Einthusan is indeed the best south Indian streaming site however its access has been limited in certain regions. Here we present sites like Einthusan that provide you the best entertainment.

Top ten Einthusan Alternatives in 2021-2022

Einthusan used to be an excellent hub for movie lovers. The sudden shutdown of the site has left the audience in grieve and they are willing to find out sites that are similar to Einthusan. Without further ado, let’s explore the best sites like Einthusan that have a great interface and most of them provide unlimited content for free.

10. YuppFlix

Yuppflix is another site that has constantly been admired by thousands of movie enthusiasts for providing the latest movies in HD quality. You can access unlimited movies for free, however, the premium subscription is also available where users have to pay some bucks to enjoy extra features.

Notable features of the site

  • It has Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam movies.
  • You can enjoy 3 days of a free trial.
  • You can watch any movie anytime you want.

9.  ZEE5

Most of you have already heard about this site, where you don’t have to pay any sort of charge. Users can watch premium content for free without paying any subscription. You can watch Hindi dramas and films in HD quality.

Notable features of ZEE5

  • Zee5has an app for Android and iOS devices.
  • The premium content can be watched anywhere freely and securely.
  • It has the biggest library meaning you can explore countless movies, dramas, and TV shows.

8. Hotstar

If you are after Einthusan Tamil then this can be your best partner. The best part of this streaming platform is that it allows you to watch all Hindi and Tamil movies for free. Watch anything you want in the comfort of your home without paying hefty charges to theatre tickets.

Notable features of Hotstar

  • Hotstarhas Android and iOS applications meaning you can stream any movie you want on your smartphone.
  • You can enjoy premium content without paying any hefty charges.
  • It has a massive collection of movies in HD quality.

7. Hungama

It is an alternative to Einthusan that allows you to browse unlimited movies in HD quality without any restriction.  The best movies and Hindi TV shows are up to watch on this site. It is all an all platform where users can watch TV shows, music, kid’s videos, and more.

Notable features of the site

  • The content is available in different languages including Telugu, Bollywood, and Malayalam.
  • The app version allows you to watch anything you want on your smartphone.
  • Hungamaprovides unlimited content for free.

6. Voot

Voot is another excellent platform that allows you to watch unlimited video content for free. Since it has almost everything that Einthusan had, therefore, users call it similar to Einthusan. The prime focus of the site is on Indian content.

Notable features of Voot

  • It keeps acquiring new content to provide its users with unlimited joy.
  • Most of the content available on Voot is free.
  • It has a great user-friendly interface that distinguishes it from the rest of the competitors.

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5. Sonyliv

Sonyliv is another excellent platform that is owned by none other than Sony – a trusted and renowned channel. The SonyLiv platform and it’s the program has become a household name in most of India. Comparing the quality and number of movies, it is even far better than Einthusan Hindi movies.

Notable features of SonyLiv

  • Unlike Einthusan, it provides 100% legal content.
  • The widest library of the site provides you unlimited video content including movies, TV shows, and dramas for free.
  • It has an app that allows you to watch the content on your mobile device as well.

4. Putlocker

If you’ve been wondering where to Einthusan Telugu movies then stop for a second and watch some quality movies on another streaming site. Putlocker is a great site for those who love binge-watching. Putlocker has gained a huge audience already due to its smooth interface and HD quality videos. There is a plethora of movies and TV shows including Bollywood and Hollywood that can be explored in Putlockers.

Notable features of the site

  • It is one of the trusted and old alternatives of Eintusan.
  • Putlockerallows you to watch unlimited movies freely and securely anytime.
  • It was once reported by the Motion Picture Association of America as a piracy threat.

3. Viooz

If Einthusan Malayalam is not available then why don’t you try something else?  Viooz used to be the best site to watch movies online or to download to watch it in a  disconnected environment. The best part is that it was the largest hub of English and Bollywood movies. Users watch movies without lagging and buffing for an extended period.

Notable features of the site

  • It has a user-friendly and appealing interface.
  • You can search the movies by direct search, or IMDb rating, A-Z list, or top-rated movies.
  • Vioozis often regarded as the first choice of movie enthusiasts.

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2. Netflix

It is one of the world’s largest streaming site with more than 151 million members paying subscriptions. Netflix has emerged as the greatest giant with the best documentaries, TV series, and feature films of all time. Members can watch anything they want in all the internet-connected devices

Notable features of Netflix

  • It is one of the best Einthusan alternatives and is considered as the largest entertainment hub with millions of users paying subscriptions in over 190 countries.
  • The content will be in HD quality.
  • You can pause, play anything you want without worrying about the advertisement.
  • Unlike TVs, you won’t have to wait for a week to find out what will happen next. Just sit down, and plow through the whole season.

1. Youtube

At the top of the list of the best Einthusan alternatives, there is none other than Youtube. It has become the world’s largest video search engine where you don’t just watch the videos but upload and earns millions out of it.

Notable features of Youtube

  • It is a more advanced video streaming platform than any other site in the world.
  • You can download your favorite content on IOS mobile app or Android.
  • It has one of huge video libraries where you can explore a variety of genres according to your interest.
  • You can even earn million out of this platform after becoming a YouTuber and uploading the content that people may like to watch.


if you are the one who can’t help watching Indian movies could understand the true blessing of Eithusan. Sadly, the site that claims to provide legal content for years is no more available in a certain region of the world. if you are the one who’s been a true admirer of the site then we hope the top Einthusan alternatives discussed above have brought immense joy in your life. If you feel that there are some better alternatives to Einthusan, you can comment on those sites in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we download movies from Einthusan?

Einthusan downloader is available that allows you to download any video of your choice to watch it in a disconnected environment. There are many apps and software that allow you to download Einthusan content effortlessly.

Is Einthusan TV legal?

The question is a bit controversial. There has been an unending debate over its legality. However, the platform itself claims that “OUR LIBRARY CONSISTS OF OVER 4000+ LEGALLY LICENSED CONTENT FROM 9 REGIONAL LANGUAGES OF INDIA. WE STRIVE TO CONSTANTLY ACQUIRE FILMS to PROVIDE OUR USERS WITH HUNDREDS OF HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT JOY.”

How do I connect my Einthusan to my TV?

Einthusan movie can be watched by connecting it to your device. To do this, use the default browser on the smart LED TV. You may require premium membership for this. If you are unwilling to pay for the premium account, simply connect the computer using HDMI on the TV and stream the movie on your PC/laptop and watch it on the TV.

How do you fix the Einthusan error?

If you have been facing Einthusan error, uninstall the app you are currently using and buy the premium subscription. Recently Einthusan login is not working as the platform has been restricting free users with a sorry page.

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